Scored Labs are transforming the ways that labs are created and delivered. Labs can now be created to focus on the skills that the learner acquires, rather than just their knowledge of the subject. In other words, it verifies their ability to execute a particular skill.

Scored Labs allow a user to test a learner’s abilities through three primary scoring strategies:

  • Knowledge Checks – Knowledge checks can be used to assess a particular skill.
  • Activity-based Assessments – Activity-based assessments may be used when testing a grouping of skills or the learner’s understanding about a particular domain.
  • Performance-based Testing – Performance-based testing is typically used when assessing multiple skill domains.

By combining the three different scoring scenarios, you can create an advanced class structure that keeps the learner engaged with learning objectives, while at the same time evaluating their progress from beginning to end.

  • Beginning of Class – Use knowledge checks to evaluate the skills the student already possesses.
  • During Class – Use activity-based assessments to created “gated” scenarios, meaning that the student must demonstrate their abilities before moving on.
  • End of Class – User performance-based testing to verify that the student has retained the training content and to possibly “grade” their final score.

The evaluations that can be performed when creating a Scored Lab can be either manually or automatically triggered by Learn on Demand Systems. These types of evaluations include:

  • Multiple Choice – Multiple choice evaluations can be either single or multiple answer.
  • Short Answer – These include both “exact match” and “Regex matched” answers.
  • Automated Scripts – Automated scripts can be triggered against the lab environment in any of the lab fabrics that are supported in Lab on Demand. These include cloud subscriptions, virtual machines and container-based labs.

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