By: Carol Gravel, EdD, MEd, SHRM-CP

Skill assessments provide an inventory of validated skills.

IT organizations must develop organizational practices, such as skills assessments and the use of agile teams, to keep pace with the inevitable digital transformation.  Many organizations are creating skills inventory systems to track and analyze individual skills to not only properly staff agile teams, but also to identify skills gaps. Building a skills inventory can be broken down into three stages.

  • Learn the stages.

Skill assessments allow organizations the ability to assign individuals to teams or projects based on knowledge and/or necessary skills and create a learning culture.

  • Learn why.

Having an inventory of skills is vital data for the New IT Organization.

  • Learn how to define a skills framework.

Learn how to get started.

  • Learn the two steps to defining a skills assessment strategy.
  • Learn about activity-based assessments and performance-based assessments.
  • See examples with visuals.

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