Conferences, events and summits are critical elements in professional development. They allow students the ability to explore topics, converse with peers and actively engage in ideas. Particularly in IT, an extended component to these professional development elements that focuses on the student’s direct knowledge and retention of the subject is the hands-on-lab.

Here are 6 reasons to incorporate hands-on labs at your next event:

  1. Hands-on workshops provide an environment free of distraction.
  2. Provide ability to test out new information/technology.
  3. Learning and content included in one simple and engaging user experience.
  4. Incorporating the idea of movement or interaction to enhance learning engages students and opens up the possibility of creativity.
  5. Hands on labs allow students to experiment with trial and error, the ability to learn from their mistakes and ask questions.
  6. Hands-on experiences develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills among engaged students.

When a company makes the effort to invest in hands-on experiences, they provide the opportunity to help their students and employees further their education and skill set.

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