Our Technical Support team strives to solve your tickets as quickly as possible. Below is list of common questions our team asks when a support ticket is opened and having this documentation (and other data points, as necessary) in hand will help our team get to the root cause of your issue(s) in a more timely, efficient manner.

Slow lab or connection issue? Please have the users try the following before you submit a ticket

Important: If the lab is being run through a managed network, Port 443 must be open for inbound/outbound traffic.

No VPNs, hotspots or proxys should be used.

  1. Use F5 to refresh your browser. Use the Refresh Display command from the Display menu.
  2. Ensure a hardwired connection is being used. Wireless routers have been known to cause issues in the lab environments.
  3. Turn off any anti-virus programs as these have been known to interrupt labs.
  4. Save and Close; Resume the saved lab.
  5. Attempt to connect to the lab from a different network/location and/or different computer.

In certain cases, you may need to Cancel and Re-Launch a brand-new Lab. Any work done will be lost.

When submitting a ticket, please provide the following information for all issues

  • Lab instance IDs for affected users (this can be found on the Help tab of the Instructions pane)
  • Verification of how many users are affected

Information needed for performance issues (ie: slow labs)

  • Are the affected users in the same physical location or are they all working remotely?
  • Are users connecting to the lab through a corporate VPN or proxy?
  • Are users on a managed network?
  • Is the screen going black and displaying a reconnect message?
  • Is the performance monitor topping out randomly or during a specific step?
  • Is a specific VM acting slower than others?

Information needed for lab content issues

  • Module
  • Exercise
  • Task
  • Step number
  • Expected results
  • Error screenshots
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