Employees at Learn on Demand Systems are being awarded for their excellence in contributions to their teams. Presented to an employee who eludes the company’s core purpose and values, Learn on Demand Systems (LODS) strives to create an environment where employees deliver their best work because they are working in an environment best fit for them; a work environment they choose.

Some of the recent recipients of the Excellence Award include Aaron Mulder, Benjamin Erkenbrack and Evan Janssen. All three of these employees have one thing in common besides their recent award: they all work remotely.

When looking at what makes an employee great, a company has to also take into account why that employee is great. Each of the employees who received the Excellence Award doted on working for LODS because they have the ability to work remotely, giving employees the opportunity to create their own work environment and to work on their own schedule.

Benjamin, just one of the employees presented this award, is the Senior Help Desk Technician and believes that his job is presented with new challenges each day that allow him to grow in his capabilities.

“Working remote allows for me to focus more on the task at hand,” Benjamin shared.  “While working remote, I have control over what distractions are around me, making me a more productive employee.”

Aaron Mulder has been with Learn on Demand Systems since the beginning and has held numerous jobs which range from developing the Training Management System (TMS), bringing on new hires and being responsible for their code and growth, to leading TMS development a whole. While Aaron has grown with the company over the years, he enjoys working for a company that is making a difference in the lives of others.

“My favorite part of the job is solving a difficult problem and knowing that at any given moment there are several thousand people using a platform that I helped create to improve their own lives through education,” said Aaron.

Working remotely has given Aaron the opportunity to enjoy things that a typical office job would not have the luxury to do, like travel.

“I get to not only solve interesting problems while providing a service, I get to do it while seeing the world,” Aaron said.

Evan Janssen who works on Platforms team believes his success is due to creating a workspace free of distractions.

“My favorite part of being remote is waking up in the morning, brewing a cup of tea, sitting down at my computer, and getting right into work,” Evan said. “There’s no stress dealing with traffic, car troubles, or weather. When I finish the day, I can go right to spending time with family, cooking dinner, or tinkering with my hobbies. I’m able to set up my work environment exactly how I want it, and if I need to get up and spend a few minutes pacing while working out a problem there’s no distractions.”

Evan also credits his team members and their collaborative work to something he enjoys about his job.

Obviously being able to work from home is always a huge bonus, but at the end of the day it’s the people I work with,” said Evan. “Everyone is motivated, intelligent, and driven. While remote work can lead to challenges within and between teams, everyone is always happy to collaborate and invent new things together.”

There are many reasons an employee can be valued as excellent. For these employees, excellence comes in the form of being able to work together in order to deliver the best product while thoroughly enjoying the job.