HynesITe, Inc. DBA holSystems and Terillian Technologies DBA Learn on Demand announce the formation of Hands-on Learning Solutions LLC, DBA Learn on Demand Systems. Learn on Demand Systems will acquire the assets of Terillian Technologies and HynesITe, Inc to create the world largest provider of learning solutions and Hands-on Lab hosting services for training centers and enterprises. Learn on Demand Systems will begin formal operations Jan 1, 2015.

“Make no mistake, while holSystems and Learn on Demand serve as lab hosters, the platforms, the target audiences, and the technologies could not be more different. That’s what makes this so exciting. We are rushing towards one goal, a frighteningly similar vision, from two different directions, and what we will create when we meet in the middle will be beyond even what we think it will be. This is truly a case of 1+1=3. We look at our combined organizations and do not see redundancy and overlap, we see gaps and opportunity. Our conversations are not around how we can optimize and cut cost, but how we can hire, invest, and grow. The next few years will be very exciting as we see our roadmap come to life.” – Corey J Hynes, CEO, Learn On Demand Systems

“We have always admired the way in which the holSystems team has worked; after our first conversation it was confirmed that our companies were kindred spirits, for lack of a better word, committed to taking care of our personnel and our clients, and working towards a common vision of where our industry was going, with very similar operational styles. We now look forward to growing this great business together.” – Phyllis Scott – COO, Learn On Demand Systems

Learn on Demand Systems (LODS) will offer a wide range of solutions for enterprises, training providers, individual trainers, and independent software companies, ranging from custom and packaged training labs, to access to learning management system software, content testing, and event management services. Our teams will work diligently to merge Lab on Demand and holSystems technologies to create the most sophisticated and user-friendly on-demand learning platform in the world. The combined scale will allow LODS to service thousands of concurrent users worldwide, 24/7, through a network of interconnected data centers. The combined technologies will extend access to any client, on any device, at any time.

LODS will focus on delivery and management of training centers through providing LMS and Lab platforms for official courseware from companies such as Microsoft, Citrix, IBM, and VMWare, as well as providing large scale event, training, marketing and sales support for software companies by providing access to on demand virtual machine environments.

LODS will services the world’s largest software companies and over 400 training providers in 145 countries, and including companies such as Microsoft, Citrix, Global Knowledge, New Horizons, Price-Waterhouse Coopers, Caradigm, EC Council, Logical Operations, ITT Technical Institute, ITPro TV, CBT Nuggets, and GTS Learning. Additionally, Learn on Demand Systems has powered large commercial events such as Microsoft’s TechEd conference series, the Microsoft //BUILD Conference, and currently powers the Microsoft TechNet and MSDN Virtual Labs, as well as the ITCamp programs.