Training organizations recognize we’re amid a global skills shortage where inexperienced people are asked to deliver on advanced technology requirements. According to the MIT Technology Review, there are 3.5M cybersecurity jobs unfilled, and fewer than 25% of the candidates are even qualified.

What’s missing from most traditional training (and exams)?
Content developers often struggle to create hands-on labs that go beyond simple step-by-step instructions. Many labs can seem more like lessons on how to follow a recipe than practical training. Why?

Typical Lab Hosting Platforms are limited.
The ability to scale hands-on labs that enable people to “learn by doing” is difficult, but a slew of lab hosters can provide a sandbox or set of Virtual Machines (VMs). Simply having enough RAM, storage, bandwidth and software is just a small part of what learning professionals need.

Turning procedural labs into learning experiences.
Experiences that score learner performance based on results has been impossible—until now. Armed with our platform, content and exam capabilities, developers can create hands-on experiences that give learners the freedom to think and explore while they perform tasks on their own, fail-forward and ultimately develop the confidence and competence they need to flourish.

Build your scored lab environment with our top engineers.
Learn on Demand Systems is known for its excellent customer support and monthly Lab Developer Workshops, but we’ve created an opportunity for your lab developers to have direct, 1:1 access with subject matter experts as you create challenge-centric, scored labs or high-stakes, performance-based tests that will create lasting value for your learners and exam takers and increase ROI for your organization.

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