Introducing the New Class Browser Page

Browsing for available classes just got easier. Your students will now be able to view your organization’s classes using the new modern class browser page.  In addition to the more modern look and feel, students will be able to filter by topics and dates.  They will also be able to see if classes are open or closed to enrollments.  To access the page, just click the “classes” link on the default navigation bar in the OneLearn Training Management System (TMS.)

It is similar to the look and functionality of the On-Demand browser pages:

  1. Use the Starts filter to filter for classes that start in a particular time frame.
  2. Use the other filters to narrow the search to classes on courses with certain tags.
  3. See whether a class is Open (still has seats available) or Closed (at max capacity).
  4. Notice the Featured and New flags are visible to help draw attention to those classes.
  5. Hover over a class to see more details such as when it ends, its status and delivery type, and the classroom and instructor. 
  6. On the zoomed-in tile, click More to access the Class Details page for further information.

NOTE: If your organization has customized the navigation bar, this link will need to be set up on your instance.