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What makes IT Pro Challenges different from traditional labs?
IT Pro Challenges are hands-on activities based on scenarios that provide students with guidance and requirements as opposed to detailed steps within a traditional lab.  IT Pro Challenges also provide students with a means of verification to gauge their success.

Who is the audience?
IT Professionals who are seeking additional hands-on practice to ever changing IT and cloud environments.

Can purchased challenges be accessed more than once?
No, each purchased challenge is available only once. Save/Pause/Resume are not available.

How do my students access the IT Pro Challenge Preview?
Once you have made the course assignment for your student, they may follow these steps.

  1. Have student Sign in to your OneLearn TMS site
  2. Under the ‘My Training’ tab your student will need to select IT Pro Challenges [Preview]
  3. Now on IT Pro Challenges page, your student may Launch each challenge listed under the ‘Activities’ section

Note: Student may see the description of each challenge by selecting Details listed beside each challenge name.

Is support available if a student becomes stuck in a challenge?
Although the challenges have been designed as self-directed activities, should students need assistance they may contact our 24/7 support via

How can I provide feedback on the challenges?
Each challenge will contain an evaluation that is available upon completion.  Alternatively, you may also provide direct feedback to:

What other cloud platforms will IT Pro Challenges address?
Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) will be coming soon.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?
Please contact your Learn on Demand Systems’ Sales Representative.

Challenges are divided into three levels:

GUIDED CHALLENGE – Similar to a traditional lab, but replaces the step-by-step instructions with goals and objectives along with detailed hints, which allow students to check their work as they progress. Duration ~ 30 minutes.

ADVANCED CHALLENGE – Based on a series of requirements built around an overall objective. It lets students figure out if they know how to perform administrative tasks, and helps them learn new ones by utilizing resource information. Each requirement must be completed successfully to move to the next. Duration ~ 45 minutes.

EXPERT CHALLENGE – Students will complete a large configuration task to showcase their mastery of a topic, which could span multiple products, technologies, and platforms. They will not receive task guidance. An automated score is given once complete. Duration ~ 60 minutes.

Azure Infrastructure Series Example

  • Challenges are developed in a series pertaining to a particular topic.
  • Each series is comprised of a number of Guided, Advanced, and one Expert Challenge.
  • Challenges in a lower level support the related challenges above but are not required to be completed.