Set yourself apart from your competition.

IT Pro Challenges are goal oriented, short-duration, scenario-based hands-on exercises.  Ideal for cloud technologies, they provide skills development and assessments across multiple platforms and technologies.

Add IT Pro Challenges to your organization’s existing offerings to set yourself apart from your competition and drive true value for your customers. They are useful before, during and/or after training.

  • Before – As an assessment tool to determine what course someone may need to take.
  • During – As a way to provide safe practice opportunities during a course.
  • After – A continuing education tool that allows safe practice opportunities.

Students will receive digital badges upon the completion of certain challenges or challenge series. Click here to learn more.

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“The challenge-based learning format allows students to focus on goals and outcomes.
No trial subscriptions, student pass or learning credits needed!”
Jim Grabinski, Technology Architect
“IT Pro Challenges brought back information that frankly fell out of my memory. Their challenging exercises are fantastic at driving home key concepts. The fact that I can check my work along the way with screenshots and examples has reinforced all the material I learned in my class.”
Timothy H Euler, Senior Technical Trainer and Microsoft Consultant
All Access Pass
Per user / 365 days of access
Expand your students’ learning experience by giving them 365 days of access to hundreds of challenges.
  • Hundreds of challenges
  • 365 days of access
  • Multiple levels: Guided, Advanced & Expert
  • Various technologies offered
  • Immediate access to new challenges
  • Digital Badges


Challenge Series
Per user / 90 days of access
Get started with a specific series. Choose a series of related challenges for 90 days.
  • Choose a learning path
  • 90 days of access
  • Multiple levels: Guided, Advanced & Expert
  • Digital Badges


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Learning Path

Explore a curated path designed to get you the skills you need in a specific area.

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What is your technology focus? Search by Linux, Microsoft Azure or PowerShell.

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Seeking extra practice for a specific Microsoft official course?

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Working towards an AWS certification? CompTIA? Microsoft?

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Utilize challenges as hands-on practice for your upcoming certification exams.

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