The Lab Author Dashboard is a rebranding of the previous “My Labs” page with added focus to become a lab author’s primary point of interaction for accessing their most commonly needed areas in Lab on Demand. Today, the Dashboard provides the following immediately upon logging in or through a single click by selecting Dashboard in the top navigation menu:

  • Easy access to finding or creating new lab profiles.
  • Easy access to currently active lab instances – both running and saved.
  • Easy access to your favorited lab profiles or the series that favorite belongs to.
  • Easy access to the details, lab profile, or lab series of your most recently launched labs – even if they are no longer active!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need another page which isn’t available from the Dashboard?

Not to worry! The Admin option in the top navigation bar will return you to the traditional tile layout with all the page options available.

What additional changes will happen on the Dashboard?

Over time, more changes will come to the dashboard so that lab authors can customize it to fit their exact needs and different information will be available from author to author. One such example is a revamp to the current Favorites feature. Favorites will be expanded to support additional items beyond lab profiles such as Series, VM Profiles, Cloud Templates and even non-lab entity items like “Find” pages!

I have some suggestions on how this could further benefit our Organization.

That is great to hear! We love hearing feedback about how the platform can better meet the needs of our users, we have a Community Slack channel available for lab authors to collaborate. Please use the proper channel to provide suggestions for improvements. Not a member of our Slack Channel? Join here!

For all other questions, please contact our Support.

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