The technical sessions below were recorded live on March 27 & 28, 2018. Learn as experts take you through topics like building more labs in less time, utilizing Microsoft Azure for building labs, creating shared labs like Cyber Range, and utilizing Markdown as a language for learning.

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Watch CEO Corey Hynes and Senior Solutions Engineer Brian Bork present the first Launch Keynote of 2018.


Lab Developer Track

Shared Labs – 58 minutes
James Burnham and Brian Bork
This session will demonstrate what you can do with shared tabs, highlighting possibilities for the fields of security (Cyber Range) and DevOps, as well as shared learning opportunities students can get working with large projects as a team.


Making the Switch to IDLx – 54 minutes
Brian Bork and James Burnham
Learn about the new Integrated Digital Learning eXperiences you can create with new and existing labs. The speakers will also show you how to convert content into Markdown (IDL-MD) and then clean it up to use in a lab.


IDL-MD Masterclass – 61 minutes
James Burnham and Kirk Munro
This session will cover all the new features that are available in Integrated Digital Lab in Markdown (IDL-MD) through the use of Integrated Digital Learning eXperience (IDLx.)


LOD Skills update for Lab Developers – 60 minutes
James Burnham and Brian Bork
If you are an LOD developer, this session is for you. Learn about new fields and changes in lab profiles such as: maximum and expected duration, web access NAT and security and life cycle actions.


Building more labs in less time – 60 minutes
Robert Lisiecki and Brian Bork
In this session you’ll learn how you can reuse resources you have created in multiple labs so that you are maximizing your time investment.


How to Apply Reusability to Cloud Slice
Brian Bork


Advanced Lab Developer Track

Introduction to Azure for Lab Developers – 57 minutes
Robert Lisiecki and Kirk Munro
Learn first about how to use Microsoft Azure for building labs. Then you’ll be introduced to Cloud Slice and Azure Pass. And finally hear about  the resources you’ll need and what to think about to control costs.


Building your first Azure Cloud Slice Lab – 55 minutes
Brian Bork and Robert Lisiecki
Come to this session to learn the ins-and-outs of cloud-based learning possibilities. From setting up a subscription, to types of resources to access levels, this session will help prepare you to build your first Azure Cloud Slice lab.


Advanced Cloud Slicing – 59 minutes
Robert Lisiecki and Kirk Munro
Remove the set-up time and get your students learning faster with Azure Cloud Slicing. This session will showcase the advanced features you can use to maximize learning time.


Life Cycle Actions – 18 minutes
Robert Lisiecki and James Burnham
Launch a lab from a remote system and trigger lab actions with Life Cycle Actions. Learn how to leverage existing content by linking it in directly in this session.


Integrating LOD with Other Platforms – Life Cycle Actions – 6 minutes
Kirk Munro and James Burnham
This is a quick walk-through that jumps right into the Life Cycle Actions you could be using to send requests to outside URLs to perform actions within your lab.


Integrating LOD with Other Platforms – APIs – 5 minutes
Kirk Munro and James Burnham
Learn how to utilize APIs in LOD to initiate commands like launching labs, saving, resuming, canceling and more in this short session.


Integrating LOD with Other Platforms – LTI – 16 minutes
James Burnham and Kirk Munro 
Maximize the value you offer your students by utilizing the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard. This session demonstrates how you can integrate LOD with platforms like edX. 

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Corey a Microsoft MVP has worked in the education and certification space for over 20 years, as a technical trainer, consultant, training center manager, content author, product manager, software architect and more.


Senior Solutions Engineer

Brian became an MCT in 1999. He has taught Microsoft, UNIX, Linux, HTML/PHP and IIS technologies all over the world. Still certified as an MCT, Brian now teaches educational soft-skills about remote/virtual/online delivery technologies.


Dir. Learning Services

A renowned expert in Windows PowerShell automation and an accomplished software professional with almost 20 years’ experience in product management, architecture, software development and systems administration roles.


Senior Software Developer

A newly certified MCT, Robert is a software engineer with a knowledge of Hyper-V and VMWare. He has experience with Cloud platforms such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud is also certified as MCSD app builder, MCSA for web applications, and is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect.


Content Team Manager

MCT certified, James is an IT Pro specializing in Microsoft Azure IaaS Solutions. He is skilled with Linux and various Microsoft technologies including PowerShell, Windows Client/Server, and Hyper-V.