Learn on Demand Systems is continuing its quarterly, free event series with Launch Q1, scheduled March 24-25, 2021.

Launch features content across our lab development and training management systems, creating an excellent opportunity for those developing labs, managing the training management system and key stakeholders within an organization to come together to learn best practices, see innovative new features and discover how you can save time and money with Learn on Demand Systems.

Launch Q1 is focused on Performance-based Testing (PBT), a methodology for assessing individual practical skills, an improvement on traditional testing to focus on an person’s ability to perform a task.

Attendees will be join sessions based on their role interests, with objectives as follows:

  • Lab Developers will learn how to create Scored Labs, which focus on the skills that the learner acquires, rather than just their knowledge of the subject. They’ll also learn how to use Activity-based Assessment Outcomes, a new feature in Lab on Demand that enables lab developers to create a highly adaptive learning experience based on the result of an automated activity. Explore the Sessions
  • Operations Managers will experience how to measure their leaners’ progress, learning best practices for designing and implementing these assessments. They’ll also see how they can recognize their learners with certificates and badges, as well as see new features like our bulk management tools and self-serve notifications,  both designed to make Operations Managers more efficient with their time and resources. Explore the Sessions
  • Business Decision Makers will have the opportunity to hear about a Learn on Demand Systems customer that leverages PBT in their course delivery and assessments. They’ll also hear about how high and low-stakes assessments can be used to support a learners’ journey as well as see features and functionality that will enrich their learners’ experiences. Explore the Sessions

Want to see how your learners could benefit from this type of skills validation in their training? Join us at Launch Q1, March 24-25.

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