Learn on Demand Systems, the global leader in hands-on learning environments, today announced that lab authors utilizing Learn on Demand Systems’ platform can now create Linux-based Docker containers and instantaneously deploy them at scale.

On the company’s Lab on Demand platform platform, lab authors can now host, execute scripts against, and interact with Linux-based containers, customizing them upon launch, or while learners are in the lab. Since containers are lightweight, lab authors have a lot of options — and gain a lot of speed.

Authors can now quickly create Linux-based labs by simply referencing a Docker container located on Docker Hub, a massive library of publicly available container images.

Lab on Demand automatically downloads and deploys as many instances of that container as there are learners while replicating the container across multiple datacenters or cloud providers for increased redundancy and performance.

“Adding the ability to create Linux containers gives lab authors yet another avenue to create learning solutions that are impactful and scalable,” said Corey Hynes, CEO of Learn on Demand Systems. “Authors can literally have them running in seconds. And, since each learner gets their own environment, using Linux-based containers is ideal for security training.”

Linux-based containers is the seventh lab fabric that Learn on Demand Systems offers. The company’s platform supports:

  •     Microsoft Azure Cloud Slice
  •     Microsoft Azure IaaS
  •     Microsoft
  •     Hyper-V
  •     Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Slice
  •     AWS EC2
  •     VMware vSphere
  •     Docker

Click here to learn more about using Linux-based containers and more to create highly personalized hands-on learning experiences that help users retain what they’ve learned.

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Demo – Watch below to learn how to create a Docker Linux container lab in one minute.

Demo – Watch below to learn how to add simple lab steps to interact with the container.