Learn on Demand Systems, the global leader in hands-on learning environments, today announced browser-based command line access and automated scoring for Linux labs. Hands-on learners using Learn on Demand Systems’ platform can now connect to Linux virtual machines running supported Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat, and Kali, via a direct SSH terminal session. Automated scoring scripts can now be written in Bash or PowerShell for activity-based assessments and performance-based testing.

“We are constantly working on ways to improve our users’ experience, and this new functionality enables us to do that for the Linux community,” said Corey Hynes, CEO of Learn on Demand Systems. “Interacting with Linux on our platform just got a lot better and faster.”

Prior to this release, users had to use a remote desktop experience to connect to a Linux virtual machine user interface, and then open a terminal window to issue the commands. Also, lab authors did not have an easy way to run scoring scripts to assess users’ skills in a Linux lab.

This new way of connecting to a Linux virtual machine from Learn on Demand Systems’ platform doesn’t require a remote desktop. Instead, users directly interact with Linux from a browser-based command line terminal, without the need for any client software or tools. The browser is automatically connected to any Linux instance and logged on as the correct user for the lab. The browser-based command line terminal supports IDLx functions, such as copy/paste, window split, and multiple concurrent connections. With this new functionality, users can now connect to Linux virtual machines in multiple ways, depending on the learning scenario. Desktop access is available for using graphical tools, and a rich browser-based terminal is available for command line tools and scenarios.

Along with simpler connectivity, learning content creators in Linux environments can now take advantage of automated scoring, thanks to Learn On Demand Systems new support for Bash. That means Learn On Demand Systems’ activity-based assessments and performance-based testing that were previously only available in Windows can now be applied in Linux scenarios.

“Our team is always striving to make it easier for our clients to create learning content that is engaging and hands-on,” said Hynes. “For example, many of our cybersecurity clients are utilizing multiple types of Linux virtual machines in a single lab environment—and sometimes multiple distributions of Linux. This new functionality creates a huge advantage for them.”

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