Learn on Demand Systems Acquires Wadeware

Message from the CEO, Corey Hynes

As the learning industry evolves, you rely on us to provide you with the platforms and services to keep pace and you count on us to lead the way in content innovation. In 2019, in addition to adding over 50 substantial platform capabilities, we launched IT Pro Challenges, a goal-centric, scored labs solution. In 2020, we will continue our transformation into a full-circle learning solutions provider.

As part of that journey, I am excited to announce that we completed the acquisition of Wadeware in late 2019. Wadeware specializes in creating technical content, courses, hands-on labs and more. Led by Bill Wade and based out of the Seattle area, Wadeware has been a go-to partner of companies such as Microsoft and Adobe.

Why Wadeware? In the 15 years that I’ve known Bill, he and his team have consistently produced high-quality, highly effective, and well-maintained technical learning content. No matter the content—labs, courses, white papers, whatever—if it came from Wadeware, users knew it would be quality. Wadeware’s track record as a partner to industry leaders speaks volumes. Our teams have worked together for years in the events industry, with Wadeware’s authors being some of the most proficient and knowledgeable users of Lab on Demand.

The acquisition of Wadeware dramatically changes who Learn on Demand Systems is. Now, along with looking to us for a world-class platform, you can trust us to be your full-service learning solutions provider. Our team has gained a group of highly experienced content providers, including instructional designers, editors and technical lab authors with vast experience on a wide variety of projects.

We can now offer an unparalleled suite of solutions in which content production and maintenance is deeply integrated with the delivery platform. This unique combination enables learning solutions to be built in less time with less maintenance, producing amazing results. Whether it’s scored labs, performance-based assessments, delivery solutions, instructor-led or self-paced courses, or some unique combination we will build together, I am excited to see how you use our expanded capabilities to create amazing learning solutions.

I am pleased to welcome the Wadeware team to Learn on Demand Systems.

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