Join thousands of other MCTs who use the Learn on Demand Systems

OneLearn platform to prep and deliver their classes.

Use the OneLearn Platform to prepare for your MOC deliveries

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) you are able to access all of our hosted MOC courses FREE of charge so you can prepare to successfully deliver your course, whether it is an in class or virtual delivery. You are also able to use the MOC courses for live demonstrations during your class delivery. If you don’t already have an account, please request one by contacting our Support department (button below) and provide your email address, MCP transcript ID and sharing code. You will then be contacted within two business days with access information and a course assignment to train you in the use of the labs within the LMS.

Use the OneLearn Platform to provide students with access to virtual labs

Many CPLS’ around the world are already using the OneLearn Platform to deliver virtual labs to their students during class and to provide students with post-event class access. If you are considering a complete solution for your classroom deliveries from scheduling classes, providing students with lab access, monitoring students’ lab progress and providing students with post-class access, please contact Sales (button below). We will be happy to set up a call with you to discuss options to ensure your students receive a successful learning experience.

Contract Instructor

Are you a contract instructor or a CPLS looking for contract instructors? We have the solution for you as well. As an instructor, you can join our Contract Instructor Pool FREE of charge. You set your own schedule and availability for the classes that you are certified to teach. Any training center that uses our platform will be able to see your availability and contact you directly for classes. If you are a training center looking for contract instructors for your classroom or virtual deliveries, you will have unlimited access to the pool of contract instructors once you are using our OneLearn Platform. Please contact Sales (button below) for more information.