Learn on Demand Systems is proud to be Microsoft’s largest Authorized Lab Hoster and has a few updates to share with you this month:

Cloud Slice Launch Limit Increased! 

We have heard your feedback over the past few months and are excited to announce we have increased our Cloud Slice lab launch limit from 5 to 10 instances per user! Although the average number of launches by users per lab is 1.3, you can now relax knowing you have twice the previous launches in your back pocket. 

To learn more about Azure Cloud Slice labs, visit our MOC Labs and Azure Access webpage, which includes additional information and an in-depth FAQ. 

We encourage you to continue providing feedback on this product and appreciate your continued support. 

Multi-lingual Offerings 

If you didn’t already know, we offer multi-lingual MOC courses! We have multiple offerings of our top delivered courses available in Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, German, Spanish and French. When you launch the lab, you will see both the lab UI and instructions in the provided language.  

New Features 

Keep an eye out for some new features for our top-delivered MOC courses to create an engaging, responsive and easier learning experience. In addition to visual changes, we’ve adding scored, multiple choice questions to the end of labs to assess learning. We have also added an evaluation form to collect feedback from instructors and students. 

These changes will roll out over the new few weeks and have already been implemented in a handful of courses, including AZ-104T00-A Microsoft Azure Administrator [Azure Pass Required].

Reminder! Free MCT Access 

We offer Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) FREE access to our MOC catalog. MCTs can request this access by filling out our MOC Lab Access form. 

Want to learn more about our MOC offerings?

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