In our continuing effort to improve accessibility for all our students and meet MAS standards, we have made the following improvements:

  1. When a sight-impaired user encounters errors in saving changes to their profile,
    1. The focus will now automatically return to the first error field.
    2. The color contrast of the error messages has been enhanced.
  2. When using keyboard navigation,
    1. The user will now see an outline on the Save button when it has focus.
    2. The user will now be able to navigate the User menu with the arrow keys. Some screen reader programs may interfere with this capability.
  3. For Screen reader users
    1. The bookmark on a course assignment will clearly identify whether the bookmark has been selected or not.
    2. The heading levels on the Contact Information page have been corrected to progress from heading 1 to heading 2.
    3. The Training Key field announces as required / invalid if empty on the Training Key page.