“When the 10k loop includes a castle, you just gotta run up to it,” says Steve Penn, Lab Services Administrator (and mileage-maker extraordinaire) for Learn on Demand Systems.

Learn on Demand Systems followed up a successful Steptober with Move-ember. The basic format was the same: Challenging our team members to move as much as they could within a month, but the competitive aspect changed slightly. Instead of forming teams with daily step goals and calculating the winning team based on percentage of/over goal, team members selected an individual weekly mileage goal and then were put into head-to-head competition for prizes within their mileage groups.

Forty team members registered themselves into 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60+ weekly mile categories and then set off throughout November to reach their goals, winding their ways around parks, trails and yes, running up to castles at the top of hills.

Throughout the month, team members reported in on their progress, sharing their highs and commiserating in the lows.

“I feel like I have more energy, I busted my 20 miles but next week might be tougher with the customer event.”

“On recovery finally and feels awesome to get out there again! Usual short two-mile run was easy! Next week I’m going to crank it up a bit and see if I can catch up to the half marathon training schedule.”

“I might have to start running these miles because it just snowed here AGAIN!”

“Well, this week has been incredibly rough. I’m having a tough time remembering how last week was.”

“Feeling good emotionally and mentally, but the left knee is going to need some rest.”

“Good! It felt great to get so many miles in!”

All that effort paid off with 35 team members logging 3,449.15 miles over 30 days! Thirteen individuals were awarded $50 Amazon gift cards and we collectively tipped our hats to Steve, who reigned supreme again, logging 258.4 miles on his own (check out this interview with Steve to learn more about how this avid runner logs so many miles on a regular basis).

We’re on winter break for corporate competitions until February, when we’ll undoubtedly be ready to lace up our sneakers and take on the next challenge.