Robert Lisiecki, a senior software engineer for Learn on Demand Systems, was challenged to run a 10K as part of his quarterly goals in 2019. “One step at at time,” Robert achieved that goal and so much more.

In this interview, Robert shares how a challenge from our CEO, internal motivation and support from Learn on Demand Systems created not only a significant improvement in his personal wellness, but a new-found lifestyle.

Watch the interview with Robert… 


In his words…

About a year ago, I started getting into running and being more active, which started as a personal goal. Corey Hynes gave me a time-line and distance to train to (a 10k). Having a goal and even minor reason to get out and on my feet was enough. I am writing this post because I have received my results after one year of work and improvement and have data to determine if it was worth the effort.

At the time I weighed 230-235, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Feeling groggy by mid day was a daily problem, so I set out to fix that with running and walking. I had a doctor appointment where they ran blood work around that time so I knew where my levels were and they were… not great. After the blood work and results I started to make improvements.

I have known my weight was declining slowly, and my blood pressure has significantly improved. But to what degree? Was the effort I put into this worth it? Well this week I went in for my yearly wellness exam and reviewed the results. Here are the hard numbers. All improvements.

  • My blood pressure is down from average of 140 to the low/mid 120 range (40-point difference)
  • Total Cholesterol (Bad stuff) is down 51 mg/dL
  • Non-HDL Cholesterol (More bad stuff) is down 50 mg/dL
  • Triglycerides (Very bad stuff) is down by 196 mg/dL
  • Weight is down by 20 pounds
  • BP is down by average of 20 mmhg

Overall my resting heart beat seems to be better, endurance is much better overall, I don’t get “winded” as quickly, I am more energetic, I don’t crash mid day nearly as often and my tolerance to Florida heat has gotten much much better.

More importantly, although I still have room for improvement. I am out of the “at risk and will likely need cholesterol medication at 40” range and into the “should continue to improve” range. Heart issues and elevated cholesterol seem to run in my family and software is perhaps not the healthiest career choice (but I love it too much to consider changing that), so I have to treat this like my life may some day depend on it.

So yes, it was worth it. There were a lot of days where I would have rather do anything than go outside in the heat and exhaust myself, but it added to the slow overall improvement. So if your health requires it, make the time, make the effort, and it will be worth it. Running is not for everyone, but find what works for you and keep doing it. Learn to enjoy it. Get involved with what Learn on Demand Systems is providing to help lead a healthy lifestyle or continue living your already healthy lifestyle.

Overall, I can say that Learn on Demand Systems has had an impact on my health, and it has been a positive impact. This is not something I can say about past companies I have worked for.