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Creating better integrated digital learning experiences is core to what we do. Partnering with Learn on Demand Systems enables you to reach an extended audience and ensure more training providers have access to your content or services as they build, deliver and manage technology content for their students. We make it simple for your content or integrations to be added to educational programs and scaled to users.

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Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect web conferencing software service offers immersive online meeting experiences for collaboration, virtual classrooms, and large-scale webinars.

    • Deliver immersive live virtual classroom experiences
    • Measure live learner participation with engagement monitoring
    • Create brand-able, customizable and persistent virtual classrooms
    • Streamline live session management with intuitive backstage tools
    • Maximize engagement with extensive interactive options

Partnership: Learn on Demand Systems has integrated Adobe Connect to enable you to dynamically create virtual classrooms. Note: Customers need to have an Adobe Connect agreement and Learn on Demand Systems will use that information to complete the Adobe integration.
For more information, contact us.

Content Raven

Content Raven provides the industry-leading sales readiness platform that delivers up-to-date and consistent content, sales tools, training and coaching to sales teams so that they can be effective in every customer interaction. Enterprise and mid-sized, global, distributed sales organizations use Content Raven to boost revenue through improved win-rates, and reduced employee churn and training costs.
For more information about Content Raven, visit contentraven.com

Global Mentoring Solutions

Global Mentoring Solutions provides scalable, outsourced help desk support. We do the heavy lifting 24/7. You concentrate on growing your business.

    • Outsourced help desk solutions.
    • Help desk partner integration.
    • Help desk service overview.
    • White labelled partnerships.

Learn on Demand Systems has partnered with Global Mentoring Solutions to provide on-demand mentoring support for various courses including Microsoft. That means you can enable a mentor icon for your courses for 24/7 chat, email, and phone support.
For more information contact: +1 905-286-3801 / [email protected] / www.globalmentoring.com


Netlogon builds validation content for the world’s largest high stakes technology programs, specializing in assessment, examinations, and simulation content.
We are your primary partner for building tests, managing your items, generating your blueprints, psychometric analysis, and performance testing.

    • Test Development – Building accurate, relevant, and clear content for the world’s largest certification programs
    • Item Lifecycle Management – Managing content from design to publishing, ensuring validity and consistency across exams, building blueprints or content domains
    • Credential Management – Blending our technical expertise with psychometric standards to define new certification ideals
    • echnology Solutions – Reimagining simple solutions for performance-based testing and simple item web publishing

Netlogon is our preferred partner for customers wanting to create complex performance-based testing integrated into their interactive hands-on environment.
For more information contact: [email protected] / www.netlogon.com


With the growth and increasing diversity of the learning landscape, Xvoucher Learning Exchange fills a critical role of simplifying access and promoting growth by providing a neutral, flexible and secure way to efficiently transact business.
As a validated method of buying, selling, consuming and tracking resources, Xvoucher leverages the power of a diverse learning network to maintain codified materials, avoid grey market resources and streamline transactions.
Our application allows organizations with different processes, metrics, and systems to collaborate seamlessly, enabling simple and flexible management of content sales, access, distribution, and tracking.
Xvoucher Learning Exchange is a hosted web application (SaaS) that empowers Sponsors, Channel Resellers and Enterprise Companies and Organizations.
Xvoucher provides a robust enterprise-level security architecture with SSAE 16 data centers, global cloud architecture, secure AES 256 encrypted PII data meeting government standard.
Channel Features
Channel branded marketplace with dynamic e-commerce capabilities
Multi-tenant e-commerce architecture
Set-up individual customers and define parameters
Create item flow rules on a customer level
Create and manage customer-specific budgets and programs
View sales, distribution, and consumption by customer and candidate at bundle and item level
Sponsor Features
Manage Reseller channel partner products, pricing, and administrators
Multi-tenant e-commerce architecture
Create and oversee learning credits
Establish branded certification bundles with usage prerequisites and other controls
Measure product group sales and consumption
Report revenue at an item level while selling at a bundle level
Enterprise Customers
Central management portal allows you to view all learning products consumed by your organization
Xwallet allows you to see available, committed and consumed budget dollars in real-time
Centralized purchasing hub
Manage product expiration at item and/or bundle level
Distribute training to individuals, by group, or as part of a promotion
Partnership: “Build, Deploy, Manage and SELL your learning”
Together with Learn on Demand Systems, Xvoucher is bringing comprehensive packages into the Learning Exchange. We are excited to offer the training and certification world a fully integrated solution for acquiring and driving your learning initiatives. We created a solution for selling your content in a high-end marketplace that allows materials to be plugged into the marketplace, bundled and delivered with ease. For candidates, students, employees, and lifelong learners this partnership integration enables the user to reserve seats in real time and seamlessly connect to different course opportunities.
For more information contact: [email protected] / +1 612-200-1785 / https://info.xvoucher.com

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