The company that makes it simple to create, manage and deliver digital learning experiences just made it much simpler for their employees to make positive impacts in their local communities.

The new policy which was introduced in November but goes into full effect this year allows full-time employees who have worked for Learn On Demand Systems for at least six months to be eligible for three days of paid time off per calendar year in order to volunteer for a verifiable community service project or charitable organization.

As a company that works 100% remotely with employees in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia, Learn on Demand Systems has the ability to craft change in the communities our employees live, work and play. Leadership at Learn on Demand Systems is always striving to make remote life more fulfilling and this policy has the opportunity for employees to feel great about working for a company that cares about giving back and helping to create healthy work-life balance.

“I am excited for the opportunity and grateful to the company for allowing us a chance to reconnect with our fellow man; there is a pureness in the pride and accomplishment felt while helping others”, said Senior Help Desk Technician Benjamin Erkenbrack.

Literally, employees can leave their home offices to make significant positive impacts in their local communities.

Examples of service projects and charitable organizations our employees may participate in include but are not limited to, homeless shelters, food banks, environmental clean-up, working with at-risk, disadvantaged youth, abuse and/or crisis centers, hospitals and animal shelters.

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