Build hands-on labs and product demonstrations simply, reliably and securely.


Build labs that run in the cloud.

  • Keep your costs manageable and save time with features like Cloud Slice.

Build labs that run in a virtualized environment. 

  • Use geolocation to automatically launch the labs in the data center closest to you using Hyper-V® or vSphere®.

Build shared labs.

  • Enable multiple users to work cooperatively or competitively, individually or in teams, in shared labs with shared resources.
  • Use a cyber range environment to create and test strategies securely.
  • Create and execute team projects to perform complicated DevOps tasks, develop content delivery processes, or create and test different strategies, all within a secure environment.

Go beyond virtual machines and networks.

  • Integrate a lab with other apps or services to dynamically extend the lab experience beyond virtual machines and networks. Use Life Cycle Actions to automatically perform tasks such as invoking a web API, sending a notification message to a student, or invoking commands in the cloud or on a specific VM in a lab.

Add labs to other learning platforms.

  • Use our API to integrate Lab on Demand features into external services or platforms.
  • Invoke Learning Tools Interoperability to embed labs in LTI consumer platforms such as Open edX and Moodle.

Create student assessments.

  • Choose from fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice, or automated scoring scripts.

Keep your labs secure.

  • Set restrictions, block sites and create an enhanced firewall.  Increase or decrease restrictions as needed.
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