Looking for the quickest and easiest way to create a lab environment? You just found it.

Our platform has been dubbed “the only one of its kind.” We enable organizations of all sizes to deliver experiential learning and skills validation to customers, partners and staff. 

Create a new lab in three clicks

  • Our template gallery allows lab authors to easily search for and select pre-created labs to use as the base for a new lab
  • If your organization has more specific needs, we can help you create an organization-specific template that is only available to you and your team
  • Easily access lab profiles, running and saved instances and lab details in the lab author dashboard

Build labs that run in the cloud or in a virtualized environment

  • Keep your costs manageable and save time with features like Cloud Slice
  • Use geolocation to automatically launch the labs in the data center closest to you using Hyper-V® or vSphere®

Build shared labs

  • Enable multiple users to work cooperatively or competitively, individually or in teams, in shared labs with shared resources
  • Use a cyber range environment to create and test strategies securely
  • Create and execute team projects to perform complicated DevOps tasks, develop content delivery processes, or create and test different strategies, all within a secure environment

Assess learners’ skills with scored labs and code labs 

  • Create your lab to focus on the skills a learner acquires, rather than just their knowledge of the subject with scored labs
  • Provide a comprehensive development environment for learners to grow their coding skills with code labs

Go beyond virtual machines and networks

  • Integrate a lab with other apps or services to dynamically extend the lab experience beyond virtual machines and networks
  • Use Life Cycle Actions to automatically perform tasks such as invoking a web API, sending a notification message to a student, or invoking commands in the cloud or on a specific VM in a lab

Add labs to other learning platforms

  • Use our API to integrate Lab on Demand features into external services or platforms
  • Invoke Learning Tools Interoperability to embed labs in LTI consumer platforms such as Open edX and Moodle

Keep your labs secure

  • Set restrictions, block sites and create an enhanced firewall, then increase or decrease restrictions as needed
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