What is a Publishing Group?

Publishing Groups will allow your organization to create specific catalogs of courses, as well as control the audiences accessing the catalog, including your own customers as well as other Learn on Demand Systems customers at your request.

Why use them?

Publishing Groups are designed to allow a course to belong to multiple Publishing Groups, rather than the current Content Provider which limits a course to align with only one Content Provider. Publishing Groups provide the ability to create custom catalogs of courses with different purposes and for specific audiences without the need to create duplicate course profiles.

The change to Publishing Groups provides wider range of control over your proprietary content. As mentioned above, you can create custom catalogs of courses for different customers, controlling which courses can be accessed by a customer. You will also be able to remove an organization’s access to a Publishing Group without affecting any in-progress classes or users who may have post-class lab availability.

Publishing Groups not only provide more control, but also determine the billing rules and who is being invoiced for consumption.

Transition from Content Providers to Publishing Groups

Since we are moving away from the use of Content Providers and replacing them with Publishing Groups, this will affect all organizations who have proprietary content and courses in the TMS. To make this transition as smooth as possible, the Learn on Demand Systems team has created Publishing Groups that mirror the Content Providers currently aligned to courses. No action will be required by your organization for this transition, and availability of your courses in the TMS will remain the same.

Moving forward, courses will be required to belong to at least one Publishing Group. Organizations will be required to use a Publishing Group for all courses even if you have no plans on publishing your content to other organizations. Separate Publishing Groups can then be created for the courses you would like to make available to other organizations. Once Publishing Groups are in place Content Providers will no longer be a required field.

How do I use Publishing Groups?

Publishing Groups can be used in a number of ways. One possible use is to group your content by different technologies or by similar content. Another way is to create customer specific catalogs allowing each of your customers to access content that is tailored to them.

If you are providing access to all content to your own customers or Learn on Demand Systems customers as a content provider, you may want to create a new Publishing Group for sharing. If you are offering specific content to each of your customers or partners, you will need to create a separate Publishing Group for each organization. Users with course creation permissions in the TMS will now have permission to create and edit their organization’s Publishing Groups. Publishing Groups are easy to set up! We have detailed documentation on how to create the publishing groups, add content to them, and publish them to other organizations.

Becoming a Content Provider and Enabling Content

To enable other Learn on Demand Systems partners access to your content, you will first need to reach out to your Account Executive to set up your organization as a Content Provider. Allowing organizations outside of your own to access proprietary content will still require the use of a Content Provider Authorization form. Standard policy outlines that the Content Provider will be billed for all consumption of content by other partners.

Learn More About Publishing Groups

Please see our Integrated Help for related articles for further information on how Publishing Groups can be created and used to grant access to your proprietary content.

What is a Publishing Group?
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We have also put together a short video that will take you through the process of creating your own Publishing Groups
Publishing Groups Video

If you have any questions regarding publishing groups or need help setting up your own publishing groups, please open a ticket with our Support team at https://lod.one/help and we will be happy to assist.

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