One of QA’s main goals is to be the United Kingdom’s most trusted training provider. So, when one of the world’s largest financial institutions reached out to the QA team for help, they were all ears.

An audit by the financial institution’s Geographic Information System (GIS) team had revealed a potential avenue for data theft on the institution’s training delivery platform. The platform was immediately globally blacklisted. But that didn’t stop the institution’s need for a way to deliver training to its employees worldwide. In fact, classes were scheduled and coming up soon. 

QA embarked on a search for a new, more secure platform for the financial institution.

“We investigated a number of possible solutions,” said Ian Barnwell, head of learning delivery technologies at QA. “Learn on Demand Systems was chosen due to the fact that it ran purely in an HTML5 browser without any plug-ins—a big thing for a multinational about to embark on a migration of their desktop estate, as users aren’t permitted to install things on the desktop computers.” 

That wasn’t the only pro-Barnwell and team found with Learn on Demand Systems. He explained, “Learn on Demand Systems’ willingness to remove copy and paste from the user interface between the host and remote machines directly addressed one of the major securities concerns the customer had.”

With security top of mind for this client, QA recommended testing the Learn on Demand Systems platform for security vulnerabilities. It passed. With the client’s penetration test a success, QA implemented the platform immediately. 

Keeping Pace with Change

Using the Learn on Demand Systems platform enabled QA to respond to the pace of change their customer dictated. QA needed to be confident that it could not only continue delivering all the training its client already had in the pipeline but also continue to do so in future. Barnwell said, “As a result, we saw to the value in being able to build in this way: scale and flexibility.”

Providing a Secure Solution

Being able to provide its client with an internet browser-based learning platform was a game-changer for QA. With the Learn on Demand Systems platform, QA provided the security the financial institution required for its employees, enabling them to train and study using their corporate machines without having to worry about data theft.

What’s Next

QA continues to proudly help businesses transform their performances through learning.  “We really enjoy working with the team at Learn on Demand Systems, and we look forward to the partnership continuing to thrive and develop,” said Barnwell.

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