One of the biggest barriers to technology adoption is lack of training. Many technology companies sell sophisticated and advanced systems that require dedicated, trained, or certified users and administrators at the customer. Without sufficiently training and empowering these users, technology products can fail. With a well-trained, educated user base, technology companies grow customer loyalty and revenue. But training is expensive, and vendors that rely primarily on in-person, instructor led training experience high costs and logistical delays to technology adoption. According to Raven360 CEO Joe Moriarty, “The high tech learning industry is consistently moving to on-demand, subscription, and pure digital learning as a means to reach more global users and customers.  Training end users, partners and customers on technology is increasingly important for renewal rates and overall product stickiness.”


A Single Spot for Registration, Access to Knowledge and On Demand Training

Raven360 provides a portal to manage all aspects of the training process. Whether employees, customers or partners, users access the Raven360 portal to register, pay for, and access content including Learn on Demand Systems’ learning environments and labs, which provide hands-on live learning opportunities for users.

“Our goal,” Moriarty shares, “is to provide a great user experience for learners.  Learn on Demand Systems is critical for us because we can offer learning, content and hands-on labs in one simple and engaging user experience.”

Technology organizations that leverage the Raven360 and Learn on Demand Systems integration are able to:

  • Create custom training classes in real-world, lab environments within Learn on Demand Systems and then, via API, automatically publish those within Raven360.
  • Provide reliable, accessible, secure access to product documentation, resources, and materials within Raven360’s platform.
  • Deliver a seamless and transparent experience at scale for the technology vendor’s users, as they complete the full experience within the vendor’s own site.
  • Deliver effective training and content across the globe, to any user, at any time at lower costs.


Efficient, Effective Training and Loyal, Satisfied Customers

With Raven360 and Learn on Demand Systems, enterprise technology organizations provide tens of thousands of customers across a globally distributed audience the hands-on training and course materials they need to effectively use the technology. These technology vendors report that their customers and partners see faster time to value, improved adoption rates, and leverage more advanced functionality.

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