Learn on Demand Systems features an entirely remote workforce, who rely on a high degree of collaboration via some unconventional practices to achieve a high degree of teamwork, cohesiveness and performance.

They offer a stipend for phone and internet expenses as well as a double monitor set-up, so employees have a nice set-up.

Below are the responses from the team when asked, “What is one thing you probably wouldn’t be able to do if you didn’t work from home?”


“Transportation costs. We have two vehicles, but the second is just a standby with minimal, part time vehicle insurance. If my wife and I both had to commute, I’d have a higher insurance rate and spend significantly more on fuel.”

“Transportation is huge, we do the same thing. Our secondary vehicle probably got 1000 miles last year.”

“Having time in the morning before work to take the dogs for a walk instead of commuting, and then having them in my office with me all day.”

“Loads of great responses here, Meals, cleaning, laundry, cooking… all small 3-10-minute things that over the course of a day seem like nothing, but after a commute and being locked in an office all day can be pretty overwhelming.”

“I was reminded by the hours I missed in seeing my kids when I worked in an office. First one up and saw no one until work. 10 hours of my day was away from my family. Then I have to cram as much quality time in 2 hours after work. This includes mealtime and bedtime routine. I was an authority to my kids and not a parent. There wasn’t time to bond. Now, I’m there for the wake-up time and breakfast routine. I get to come in when they are making snacks, or my wife needs a break. Then a whole hour of lunch with my family. I rock my 2 kids to sleep for naps and have a 20 second commute from my office to the front door when I’m off.”

“Sleep in -not get up at 6 for an hour drive/park nightmare”


“Get in multiple mini workouts. I take mini breaks throughout the day and exercises…. dumbbell work, stretching; shooting basketballs” (stayed out a tad too long yesterday and now my head looks like a tomato!)

“Jump in the pool on my lunch break to swim or just relax and float depending on the day.”

“Exercise and eat right. My daily lunch breaks are my only time to get real exercise and activity in. Once 5pm rolls around and my family gets home, I shift gears and stay pretty busy until 8 or 9 PM, by which time, I’m wiped! If I couldn’t work out at lunch, I’d get very little actual activity throughout the week. I also have access to my kitchen, so I can put some thought into meals and timing. If this were an on-site office job, I’d either have to pack two grocery bags full of stuff with me each day and annoy everyone in the office, or I’d have to give up on meal planning.”


“Mow the lawn during my lunch break.”

“I enjoy being able to clean the house in small bits every day instead of having to plan to clean on the weekend when I “have time.”

“The ability to swap laundry loads out during the day. Huge time saver for the weekends.”

“Cook meals at home. When my wife and I were both working office jobs we had trouble working up the motivation to make healthy food after spending 8-10 hours working and another hour commuting. After work I spend a bit of time relaxing, then start on dinner.”

“I can cook decent meals, enjoy a window view, and let my dog out as needed.”

“I also appreciate being able to mow the lawn at lunch or even before work without the commute.”

Quiet/Personalized environment free of distractions

“Quiet, having the ability to shut everything down and concentrate is amazing.  Work from time to time from the comfort of a La-Z-Boy.  There are also privacy elements to working from home that I enjoy.”

“Work in peace…”

“Having access to good coffee fixed just the way I like it. No office swills!”

“I like being able to listen to music without wearing headphones.”

“Another small thing that makes a big impact on overall happiness – I can work in the environment that I choose. It’s not freezing in the summer because someone likes the air conditioner on “frigid”, I can open my windows for a breeze, etc.​”

“My biggest change has been in the amount of time I waste. If I’m feeling foggy, I can like others said, go do some dishes or something. When I worked in an office it was more like “wander around to find someone else that looks bored and talk about something for a while until we feel guilty and go back to our desk and pretend not to scroll Facebook”.

“Be productive.”

“I am also WAY more productive without all the drive by conversations that happened in office life.  I can focus better and get work done.   I absolutely love it!”


“Being able to wear slippers all day.”

“Wearing jeans and a t-shirt for work is really nice!”


“Love on my kitties all day and water my flower beds during lunch.”

“The hugs from my daughter mid-day couldn’t happen if I was driving to an office.”

“I have more bonding time throughout the day and in the evening. Kids never wait for you when they are growing up. The moment is always now, and I get to be there.”

“I’m happy to be able to be home for my dogs. I would be worried about them all day (not being able to go out or get enough love and attention) if I was working some where I’d have to commute to, especially since one of my dogs is getting on in years. I know what they are up to and can attend to their needs and messes without any worry.”

“Working this morning and I can faintly hear my daughter upstairs singing her little heart out to some song she is playing = Priceless. My wife and I have lunch together more often which is also great.”

“Letting my kids take the bus instead of having to put them in before school care.”