For Classes where different activities should be completed by different Students, Instructors and others can now assign individual Class activities to a subset of Students.  This allows some Students to see and access some activities while other Students will see and access others. This feature is best utilized if you are running Classes in a Shared Lab Environment.

This feature is enabled on the individual activities in the Course using the “Assign to Students Manually” checkbox.  When this is checked for an activity, if a User has one of the new permissions, they can then assign that activity to one or more Students in the class. The activities are assigned and unassigned manually. Only those Students assigned an activity will see it in their Enrollments.  If no Students are assigned to the activity, no student will see it.

If an Instructor assigns an activity to a Student while the Student is looking at the Enrollment, the activity will automatically appear after a few seconds.  If a Student’s assignment is removed it can take up to 25 seconds to be removed from the Student’s Enrollment.  If they click the Launch button prior to it disappearing, they will receive a message stating “Sorry, you don’t currently have access to this activity.  Please see instructor”.

This feature is separate from the Disable activities feature released in April of this year, which is used to disable an activity for all students.  Note: If a course is set to Allow activities to be auto-enabled after a class ends, any activities that were disabled when class ends will still show as disabled for anyone looking at the Class but will be enabled for the Students.