You spend all your time making sure users walk away skilled. But what do you do when hands-on practice is needed?

Do you have in-depth options that elaborate on the content you are relaying?


Engage your learners with rich, interactive hands-on labs to help them walk away with tangible knowledge. Our team is ready to design, develop and stand-up custom labs that you can deliver on our platform or the platform of your choosing.


  • Lab environment
  • Lab documentation
  • Slide deck with an environment overview
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Integrated Labs

Ensure your learners focus on the task at hand instead of getting lost in the portal. Prescriptive steps, diagrams and more.

Lab Information

We can store information in the lab itself for future use, so your learners don’t have to worry about jotting things down.


Give your students a customized feel to their labs with personalized experiences.

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