Learn on Demand Systems prides itself on the advanced capabilities the Lab on Demand platform provides authors when creating lab environments. These environments can take a lot of work to get from concept to prototype to production environment, and we are working on a variety of platform changes to simplify your lab development experience.

These changes are designed to provide more efficient workflows and reduce development time. The new experience was announced in the Launch Q3 Keynote as well as explained in greater detail in the event session, Time is Money – Build and Deploy Labs Efficiently.

In this article, we will review the various aspects of the platform that have anticipated changes and why, if they are already available and what growth is expected in the different areas. As these grow over time, their individual articles will likewise be updated. Tune in frequently for the most up-to-date information!

Lab Author Dashboard

If you have logged into Lab on Demand recently, you will notice that the default login page has already changed. Users are now logged into their Dashboard, which provides a simplified starting point for lab authors to initiate their journey or return to working on labs actively in development. This page was formerly called “My Labs” and has had some minor changes in the rebrand to dashboard. Learn more.

Template Gallery

Lab on Demand has added a Template Gallery as the new page when Create Lab Profile is selected. The template gallery enables lab authors to easily search for and select pre-created labs to use as the base for a new lab. Lab authors can select templates from the public template gallery maintained by Learn on Demand Systems or create a private gallery available only to users within their organization. Learn more.

Enhanced Lab Saving

The various options available to lab authors for saving a lab have now been consolidated into a single location! Additionally, enhanced options are now available when saving changes to the lab profile from the lab client or when creating a new lab profile from a running instance. Learn more.

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This simplified lab developer experience was featured in our weekly “Did you Know?” demo on Thursday, October 8, and can be viewed here.

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