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As an Approved Lab Hoster, we host labs for dozens of partners. You can purchase this ready-built content and get started right away!

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Add labs to other platforms

Use our API to integrate Lab on Demand features into external services or platforms. Invoke Learning Tools Interoperability to embed in LTI consumer platforms such as Open edX and Moodle.

Go beyond virtual machines and networks

Integrate a lab with other apps or services to dynamically extend the lab experience beyond virtual machines and networks.

Create student assessments

Choose from fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice, or automated scoring scripts.

Competitive, flexible pricing

Charges are based on consumption usage.

Build labs that run in a virtualized environment

Use geolocation to automatically launch the labs in the data center closest to you using Hypder-V or vSphere.

Build labs that run in the cloud

Keep your costs manageable and save time with features like Cloud Slice.

Keep your labs secure

Set restrictions, block sites and create an enhanced firewall. Increase or decrease restrictions as needed.

Build shared labs

Enable multiple users to work cooperatively or competitively, individually or in teams, in shared labs with shared resources. Use a cyber range environment to create and test strategies securely.


Learn on Demand Systems lab environments are an efficient and effective way to learn material

I appreciate the ability to use real VMs – this permits mistakes and it allows me to experiment outside of the basic lab parameters. Simulated lab environments only allow one to enter the expected commands. With the LODS environment, I can learn a new command and then try variations. Networked virtual machines are helpful.

Damon Garn, Owner - Cogspinner Coaction, LLC, Author & Linux/Windows technical trainer

Clearly Best in Class

Everything. This product is really the only one of its kind. The ease of integration and usability is what makes it stand out.

Keatron E

Best Challenge Labs

One of the best Labs that I passed through. I have used them as an MCT to prepare for exams and also my students enjoyed using them. The LMS is easy to use and allows us to create classes easily and we like how easy the student can enroll in the class by sending him/her a redeem code. We also liked the badging system that is offered. Also the support team is really amazing and issues are solved quickly.

Mazen Z

Excellent Option to Deliver a Virtual Lab Experience

This is a cloud-hosted environment that allows me to develop virtual labs that students can access from home or anywhere. Labs are deployed on-demand when students launch them. The customer service and trainers have been amazing to work with. The staff I have worked with are very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. The lab environment runs using a web browser. There is no need for students to install software or connect to a VPN in order to access the labs.

Christopher Leeson, Senior Application Administrator at Johnson County Community College

Learn on Demand Systems is the best labs provider in the market

Excellent support, fast instances and almost immediate provisioning of resources, always professional. Challenge labs are also great and well designed.

Arturo B