The leadership team (below) of Learn on Demand Systems traces its roots back almost 25 years in the Information Technology training industry when they were engaged in the delivery of technical training, creating training content, and managing training organizations from Europe to Canada, and in the US. Over the past 25 years, Corey, Chris, Clay, and Phyllis have worked and engaged in every facet of technology training, content production, and assessment. Collectively they have managed multiple successful training delivery companies, pioneered new and innovative ways to build and deliver training, worked heavily in the assessment and testing industry, and managed some of the world’s largest training delivery programs by the world’s leading software companies.

In November of 2014 Learn on Demand Systems was officially incorporated through the merger of holSystems and Terillian Technologies. Prior to 2014 holSystems was Microsoft’s preferred lab hosting and delivery vendor, managing massive events and training programs worldwide, and authoring hundreds of original content titles. Terillian Technologies was the platform powering some of the world’s largest independent training companies such as New Horizons and Global Knowledge, significantly reducing costs and increasing reach. The combination of these two leading organizations has created a company second to none in scale, technical capability, thought leadership and industry knowledge.

Learn on Demand Systems is not just a platform or a product, it is the accumulation of over 500 years of collective experience doing what our customers do every day. This deep understanding of the technology, business, and processes our clients face lead us to build solutions that have, and continue to, push the boundaries of what is possible in experiential learning.


Corey Hynes | CEO

Corey J Hynes is the CEO and chief product architect for Learn on Demand Systems. Corey has worked in the education and certification space for over 20 years, working as a technical trainer, consultant, training center manager, content author, product manager, software architect and more. Corey currently leads Learn on Demand Systems helping to ensure we are building and delivering new and innovative products that drive the learning industry forward. Corey can frequently be found presenting on behalf of Microsoft on technical topics ranging from storage to virtualization to cloud. Corey has held many industry certifications, both technical and skill based, and is currently a Microsoft MVP. Corey lives in Florida with his wife and two children and spends his limited free time coaching soccer, boating and competing in Triathlon races.

Chris Sears | Chief Technology Officer

Chris Sears is Learn on Demand System’s Chief Technology Officer and oversees development of the OneLearn platform. Chris takes immense pride in building software that is powerful and feature-rich, yet also intuitive, elegant, and easy-to-use. Chris got his start in software engineering in 1999 to supplement his budding music career. He quickly realized his passion for building great software equaled his passion for playing music. Chris’s non-musical gigs spanned the private and public sector, including projects with Dell, Northrop Grumman, and the Department of Defense.

Chris got involved in the training space in 2003 while developing systems for the U.S. Army in Europe. While there, he first met Phyllis and Clay Scott. In 2007, Chris, Clay, and Phyllis formed Terillian Technologies Inc., with Chris overseeing all software development duties. Chris holds a liberal arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin. He graduated from the Plan II Honors program and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society.

Kim Frank
Kim Frank | Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Kim Frank oversees day to day operations at LODS as well as execution of customer events. Kim’s dedication and attention to detail helps to keep the LODS team focused and moving forward to meet our customers’ needs.

Kim began his career in Denmark in the accounting field with Deloitte and Touche. In 1998 Kim moved to Canada and his interest in technology drove him to look at a move into the IT field. For the past 18 years he has worked in the training industry and continues to hold an MCT certification today. Kim was a co-founder of CTE Solutions, training company in Ottawa. In addition to his responsibilities at CTE he supported Hands-on Lab engagements as an MCT at numerous Microsoft events such as TechEd and Convergence. It was at these events that, by fate, he met Corey Hynes. Corey made Kim an offer that he could not refuse and Kim left CTE to join Hynesite and subsequently made the move to LODS when the company was formed.

Ben Watson | Chief Product Officer

As Chief Product Officer, Ben oversees the global Product, Marketing and Sales teams. He loves to have a positive impact on people’s lives by getting hands-on with customers’ challenges, incubating solutions and then driving to scale through products and services. Prior to joining Learn on Demand Systems, Ben was the Global Senior Director, Partner Portfolios at Global Knowledge, the world’s largest IT training company, where his award-winning teams managed a $150M+ portfolio of multiple partnerships including Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Red Hat, SAS, Docker, and Salesforce.

His previous roles included Senior Director, Product Management Group at Microsoft managing a $100M+ portfolio of Microsoft Press books, official courseware and certifications with over 35 product managers; Vice-President roles at Thomson NETg and Skillsoft; and CEO & Founder roles at scholars.com (acquired by Skillsoft) and Ensemble Collaboration. Ben on LinkedIn.

Phyllis Scott | Principal

Phyllis has been working in the Information Technology Training Industry for the past 25 years as a successful member of various sales and operations teams. Phyllis has owned her own Information Technology Training center and founded Terillian Technologies an organization focused on providing tools dedicated to supporting the Information Technology Space.

Working with Corey Hynes, Chris Sears, and Clay Scott, Phyllis orchestrated the merger of Terillian Technologies and HolSystems to form what is now Learn on Demand Systems. In her spare time, Phyllis enjoys working on her horse ranch focused on “Helping Horses Help People”.