Learn on Demand Systems empowers organizations to accelerate technology learning through hands-on experience and skills validation. A global leader in hands-on live learning, Learn on Demand Systems recognizes the challenges companies face to create and maintain engaging labs, workshops, courses and assessments that make technical concepts tangible across the globe. To address these challenges, they offer a suite of products and services to develop, manage and deliver effective hands-on training, assessments and validation.

The leadership team of Learn on Demand Systems traces its roots back almost 25 years in the Information Technology training industry. Ranging from engaging in the delivery of technical training, creating training content, and managing training organizations across multiple countries, the team has worked and engaged in every facet of technology training, content production, and assessment. During it’s growth they have managed multiple successful training delivery companies, pioneered new and innovative ways to build and deliver training, worked heavily in the assessment and testing industry, and managed some of the world’s largest training delivery programs by the world’s leading software companies.

In November of 2014 Learn on Demand Systems was officially incorporated through the merger of holSystems and Terillian Technologies. Prior to 2014 holSystems was Microsoft’s preferred lab hosting and delivery vendor, managing massive events and training programs worldwide. Terillian Technologies was the platform powering some of the world’s largest independent training companies such as New Horizons and Global Knowledge, significantly reducing costs and increasing reach. The combination of these two leading organizations has created a company that can build new and innovative products for consumers through technical capability, thought leadership and industry knowledge.

Learn on Demand Systems takes pride in having a team that thoroughly enjoy helping customers solve problems everyday with a mission of empowering technology learning through hands-on experience and skills validation.