What an exciting week for the Learn on Demand Systems event team and for Tableau Conference Europe 2018 attendees!

For Tableau Conference Europe’s first-ever cloud hosted hands-on training labs, Tableau is using Learn on Demand Systems’ new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Slice features within the Lab on Demand (LOD) event environment. Tableau, the market leader in data visualization tools is the first of our partners to do that.

That means the lucky Tableau Conference Europe attendees who scored a seat in the hands-on training workshops are experiencing Tableau software running on a virtual machine running in AWS, spun up by the LOD interface using Learn on Demand Systems’ event control features. Even seasoned session presenters who have worked many Tableau events are finding this experience fantastic since they can now easily create, manage and deliver their labs as part of their hands-on sessions at the show!

Sample screenshot of a Tableau lab:

Here’s some insight into how it’s all happening.

Over July 4th and 5th, Learn on Demand Systems is launching more than 1,360 sessions in AWS. By leveraging the cloud orchestration component of LOD, Learn on Demand Systems can deploy a fresh instance of a custom lab image in under 10 seconds in AWS using a T2 XLarge machine type. That’s right: less than 10 seconds.

Each attendee and speaker in a hands-on lab is assigned one or more virtual machines to use during the session. Between sessions, no additional imaging is required in the rooms. In pre-conference tests, we were able to deploy 400 running instances to AWS in under eight minutes.

“Tableau had a double challenge of needing to run their robust analytics software in a self-contained lab while trying to control costs when hosting their labs in AWS,” said Ben Watson, Chief Product Officer of Learn on Demand Systems. “Our AWS Cloud Slice solution solved both problems – students can now quickly and easily launch these pre-configured labs while Tableau ensures that the labs are locked down and controlled in AWS to reduce their hosting costs.”

Conference sessions using the AWS Cloud Slice solution include:

• Getting Started with Tableau
• Lost No Longer: Mapping in Tableau
• Parameters: Driving Interactivity One Dashboard at a Time
• Data Integration: Blending Versus Cross-Database Joins
• Dining with Filters: Understanding Tableau’s Order of Operations
• Eye of the Penguin: Tableau Server on Linux
• Unlock New Sources with Tableau Web Data Connectors
• Customize and Embed Tableau with JavaScript
• Take Your Marks. Set. Go!
• Advanced Analytics with R and Python
• Automate Tableau Server with REST API
• Practically Perfect: A Practical Guide to Guided Analytics
• Getting started with Business-Driven Calculation
• Make Your Data Sparkle with Tableau Prep
• Best Practices for Administering Tableau Server
• Designing a Corporate Standard in Tableau
• Tableau Doctor – 10.5 Windows 10
• Tableau Doctor – 2018.1 CentOS Lab 02
• Tableau Doctor – 10.5 CentOS Lab 03

About Tableau Conference Europe 2018.

This year’s Tableau Conference Europe boasts attendance of around 1,800 data-minded individuals. The conference features 3 days of sessions including keynotes, breakouts and dozens of hands-on training sessions.

Tableau announced the location for the conference in 2019 will be Berlin.

About Tableau Software
Tableau (NYSE: DATA) helps people see and understand data and explore with limitless visual analytics. Customers can build dashboards and perform ad hoc analyses in just a few clicks. They can share their work with anyone and make an impact on their business. From global enterprises to early-stage startups and small businesses, more than 74,000 customer accounts around the world use Tableau to turn data into actionable insights, and more than 300,000 people use Tableau Public to share public data in their blogs and websites.

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