New Orleans, NOVEMBER 01, 2018

Learn on Demand Systems, the global leader in hands-on live learning environments, today announced a new event record of 6,692 concurrent users at Tableau Conference 2018. This is in addition to a daily global average of 1,726, bringing the total of managed lab sessions to over 8,418 concurrent users. The record-breaking event occurred during the conference’s hands-on training sessions, which were two hours long, classroom-style sessions led by expert Tableau trainers.

“This is a huge accomplishment for our team,” said Corey Hynes, Learn on Demand Systems CEO. “Conference attendees expect more than just a PowerPoint presentation. They want to work on live software in real time. By having the scalability to take hands-on learning out of a dedicated lab room and pushing it into every session, we can take conference learning to the next level and expose it to every attendee in every session.”

The hands-on lab training sessions at Tableau Conference 2018 leveraged Learn on Demand Systems’ orchestration engine and their global network of datacenters to deploy and manage lab instances on AWS. By leveraging the cloud orchestration component, Learn on Demand Systems was able to deploy a new instance of a custom lab image in under 10 seconds in AWS using a T2 XLarge machine type. This allowed trainers to easily create and maintain their labs, so they could focus on producing high quality learning experiences instead of worrying about how to scale and deliver them to event attendees.

“Working with Learn on Demand Systems has saved our internal teams hundreds of hours by allowing them to shift resources back to supporting our core business,” said Beau Beckner, Event Infrastructure Manager at Tableau. “They have taken the lift of creating images and technical delivery aspects by streamlining how we deliver training to our customers. Moving to Learn on Demand Systems also allows us to reduce our physical hardware requirements on site and lets our speakers customize every virtual lab to their own needs.”

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