Lab Latency

  • Lab instance average latency now filters out outliers that could skew the overall average of the latency value displayed in the lab client, as well as lab instance details pages.
  • Lab instance and lab instance connection history pages now show the latency deviation for that lab instance. Lab instance deviation is the standard deviation of all recorded latency values for the lab instance. A high standard of deviation indicates an inconsistent and potentially unstable network connection.
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Azure CSS Improvements

  • Lab instance details pages now show the cloud subscription instance that the lab used. Additional details are available for the subscription, including subscription state, pool, cloud subscription ID, enrollment account, state last changed, created and Azure management group. This will assist with management and administrative tasks.
  • CSS Subscription pools now have search buttons to view lab instances and Cloud Subscription Instances that are associated to the subscription pool.
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LOD Improvements and Fixes

  • Cloud Slice labs will now launch an interstitial page to help with resizing and relocation if opened in a window or tab that cannot readily be resized or moved.
  • You can now search for API Consumers by specifying which lab series are available to them using the Available Lab Series and Available Lab Series Name filters.
  • A note is now placed on the lab instance details page when the instance is canceled using the API cancel call.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented enhanced users from saving a differencing disk to their organization storage.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a […]
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IDLx Replacements

There is a new option in the IDLx @lab menu for Replacements. Replacements allow for text or regex find and replace. Replacements can be used to cleanup or extend existing instructions sources, potentially eliminating the need for lab errata.

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LOD Improvements and Fixes

  • Per hour pricing is now displayed on lab profile details pages and returned in a LabProfile and Catalog API calls.
  • When a cloud based lab inherits the environment from another lab, the virtualization and cloud platforms are now disabled.
  • Users can now choose to cancel a lab instance directly from a running lab when saving their current lab would otherwise exceed the number of allowed saved labs configured on their account.
  • When starting a virtual machine in a running lab instance, the message “There is not enough available memory to start […]
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Lab Instance Transfers

When permitted, students, instructors, and lab developers can transfer their lab instance to one another using email. This setting can be turned on at the organization level. LOD administrators will also be able to swap lab instances between users using a Transfer console available through the lab instance details page.

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