LOD Improvements and Fixes

  • Lab authors can now disable individual scripts within automated activities.
  • Code labs now allow tests and test inputs to be created without first adding a code language.
  • IDLx activities can now be hidden from the scoring output of a lab instance.
  • The “go to page” feature of outcomes now correctly sends users to the top of the target page.
  • The search field is no longer obscured while searching within the Cloud Resource Template editor.
  • Full screen view is no longer obscured within the Cloud Resource Template editor.
  • Added a Launch on Datacenter option to launch on-prem virtualization labs on […]

Centralized Authentication

Lab on Demand and TMS implemented enhanced account security for user accounts that sign in with a username/password. You can learn more about these security measures here.

Local users will be prompted to reset their password upon login for TMS and/or LOD. Users logging in through API or Corporate Azure AD will not be prompted to reset their password.

Cloud Scripting Execution Engine 2.0 (CSEE)

LOD | Q1 2021

Cloud Scripting Execution Engine 2.0 (CSEE) is the new version of the engine that runs scripts on our platform, for Life Cycle Actions (LCA) and Activity-Based Assessment (ABA) subscription commands.

This new engine allows LOD to expand into new scripting languages and allows lab developers to specify scripting modules needed for their scripts to function. This will also provide a platform that we can build new features with similar capability.

Language options will be in a drop-down menu in LOD, when configuring LCA or ABA subscription commands in a lab profile. PowerShell and PowerShell Core will be supported.

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Data Lab Fabric

LOD | Q2 2021

Data Labs can help provide a comprehensive environment for learners to grow their data analytics skill set. Each lab will open to a browser-based editor where students can test their data skills against challenges defined by lab authors.

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