Cloud Subscription Pool

The Cloud Subscription Pool pages have been updated to include the following features where applicable:

  • Added a summary graphic of current state for all subscriptions/accounts within a Cloud Subscription Pool
  • On Subscription/accounts list, added paging for increase performance.
  • On Subscription/accounts list, added a link to the last lab instance run against dedicated subscriptions.
  • On Subscription/accounts list for AWS pools, added link to federated login.
  • On Subscription/accounts list, added column sorting and text-based filtering of data fields.

LOD Improvements and Fixes

API & LTI Advancements

  • For API Consumers using Lab Instance Changed Webhooks, “End” Webhooks are now called for scored labs when they end.
  • When LTI scored labs that run beyond their access token expiration posts a score back to the LMS, they will no long receive an “Access Token Expired” error message.

Misc Improvements & Fixes

  • On AWS lab profile details, “Cloud Resource Groups” text has been replaced with “Stack Deployments”.
  • Fixed an issue where, on rare occasions, vSphere lab launches with non-Windows virtual machines would be delayed.

Usability, Performance & Caching Improvements for Lab Developers

  • Lab Profiles that are published to the template gallery now have an option on the Advanced tab to Reuse Template Container and Virtual Machine Profiles. Selecting the option will cause Lab Profiles created from the Template Gallery to reuse the existing Container and Virtual Machine Profiles from the template instead of creating new ones. (Lab Profile documentation)
  • Parameters set on a Cloud Resource Template via JSON parameter file import can now be upper case.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the proper parenting of differencing disks when saved in quick succession.
  • When a Lab Profile or VM Profile […]

AWS, VMware & Docker Lab Fabric Advancements

  • Added support for AWS S3 Access Points (AWS Capabilities documentation)
  • Fixed an issue in AWS VPC teardown occurring when dependencies can’t be resolved.
  • When creating a new vSphere Virtual Machine Profile, the Hardware Version now defaults to 14.
  • vSphere Hardware Version 15 is now supported by vSphere Virtual Machines running in Lab on Demand.
  • vSphere shared environment networks can no longer be set to specific VLAN IDs.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in an error message when inspecting or adding disks to vSphere VMs.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in an error message when attempting to update a […]

LOD Improvements and Fixes

  • Lab instances of exam type will now be scored when Mark as complete is chosen using the end option under the hamburger menu.
  • Fields beginning with an “=” will be sanitized when exported to CSV by prepending the string with a single quote. This is done to prevent excel formula injection attacks.
  • Added logic to prevent distribution of malformed credentials from recyclable tenant pools.
  • Icon added to Application card on Admin page.
  • The Application card logo color should now match the rest of the theme color.
  • Fixed an issue preventing double quotes from properly rendering in tool tips (info […]

LOD Improvements and Fixes

  • Improved Pre-Instance performance using in-memory data and by removing recursive logic
  • Rather than default to CSFX, cloud scripts will now target SEE by default.
  • Added scale-out support for developer files.
  • A new field has been added to Lab Series, Default Assignment Duration Days. The duration of all Lab Series assignments created using this lab series will be set to the value of this field.
  • Mandatory note fields can no longer be bypassed by entering a space character.
  • Removed the Cloud Log […]

Code Labs

  • Lab On Demand now supports a new type of container image classed as CodeLab. The type filter on the Find Container Image page now supports filtering by type Codelab.
  • A new Code Language Administration page has been created. This allows for the management of the container used, the default templates shown in the Edit Code Fabric screen, and information used to process submitted code in the CodeHost.
  • Code language data is now pulled from a database object instead of being stored uniquely in each lab profile.
  • Code Lab Documentation