Lab Instruction Improvements

Lab instruction authoring has been improved to allow a function to show/hide lab instructions and lab instruction elements. Instructions and elements in Sections and code blocks can be shown or hidden based on the lab variable set via Life Cycle Actions, Activity Based Assessments, an IDLx textbox or an IDLx drop-down menu.


This can also work in conjunction with labs that use instructions stored in GitHub and displayed in the lab via a Markdown include. This allows the lab instructions to be displayed dynamically based on the variable set in the lab. For example, you could configure the drop-down menu to […]

Improvements and Fixes

  • Updated Instructions Import Page Title to reflect general usage of IDLx.
  • The background color and foreground color in the lab client now meets the minimum contrast ratio of 4.5:1.
  • Language now declared in HTML of Lab Client.
  • Deprecated QR code for lab launches.
  • Resource Template parameters are now preserved when cloning a lab using Save As or when a child lab inherits the cloud environment from a parent lab profile.
  • Disabled API consumers will now be hidden on the lab series publish page.
  • Tabs in the lab client now have an underline to show which tab is in focus.
  • […]

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Alt+Tab Shortcut Available in Commands Menu

The Alt+Tab keyboard combination is now available as a shortcut under the Commands Menu. This allows students to swiftly switch between two full screen applications in their lab instance. When switching between three or more applications, the shift key may be held while selecting the Alt+Tab shortcut to cycle through all open applications on Windows and select Linux virtual machines.

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Cloud Security Review

  • A Cloud Security Last Reviewed filter is now available when searching for lab profiles. The output will display the date and time that the last Cloud Security Review was completed.
  • Access Control Policies can now be sorted by Requires Security Review.
  • Never has been added to the list of available options in the Cloud Security Review Approval Expires filter when searching for lab profiles.
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LOD Improvements and Fixes

  • Access Control Policies can now be sorted by Requires Security Review.
  • Tooltips have been added to the Advanced tab of API consumer profiles, to describe the available options.
  • Two new filters, Is parent of and Is child of, are now available when searching for organizations on Labondemand.com.
  • Updated the root file path of resources on the Lab profile details page.
  • Lab Tags are now returned when the LabProfile API method is called.
  • Fixed a bug allowing students to launch an additional lab when they should have been limited by the number of retakes configured on the lab series.
  • Fixed […]
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Cloud Security Review

Lab profiles that use cloud orchestration are subject to a cloud security review. Until a review is completed, the lab cannot be launched via TMS, API, LTI, or other outside Learning Management Systems. The cloud components that are used in lab profiles must be reviewed by LODS staff for any security issues, such as: Access Control Policies and Resource Templates. Additionally, any changes made to the lab profile’s Cloud tab will cause the lab to undergo an additional security review before the lab may be launched.

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LOD Improvements and Fixes

    • Architectural improvements have been made to increase throughput, stability, and resiliency in the LOD Platform.
    • Lab Profile RAM is now calculated to include overhead from NAT network after adding or removing RAM from a VM profile belonging to the lab profile.
    • The network required for Linux ABA scoring is now properly created when launching lab profiles that inherit content.
    • Lab Profile ID is now an Output Option when searching for Lab Instances.
    • Client Landing Page URL now accepts up to 512 characters, previously this limit was 256 characters.
    • Cloud Credentials are now issued to lab instances […]
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