Code Labs

  • Lab On Demand now supports a new type of container image classed as CodeLab. The type filter on the Find Container Image page now supports filtering by type Codelab.
  • A new Code Language Administration page has been created. This allows for the management of the container used, the default templates shown in the Edit Code Fabric screen, and information used to process submitted code in the CodeHost.
  • Code language data is now pulled from a database object instead of being stored uniquely in each lab profile.
  • Code Lab Documentation

LOD Improvements and Fixes

  • Cloud Slice Subscription labs that apply an Access Control Policy at the subscription level are now returned in search results for that Access Control Policy.
  • If Background Event Service discovers residue on a virtualized host, cloud hosts will now ignore requests to tear down resources on the associated dedicated subscription if the subscription has already been assigned to another lab instance.
  • Child lab profiles inheriting an environment can no longer be exported.
  • Docker host app settings have been moved into environment specific files.
  • Client-side gateway scripts updated to allow Firefox to work with client-side ESM audio recording.
  • Activity groups […]


  • IDLx variable assignment now supports a new password textbox. The textbox can be created in IDLx via the @lab token @lab.TextBoxPassword(Name). Text entered into the box will be obscured from the user, and will be assigned to the lab variable Name.
  • Fixed an issue preventing IDLx replacement tokens with repeated special characters from displaying properly.

Script Execution Engine

Our next generation Script Execution Engine, SEE is now available to power ABA automated activities and scripted Life Cycle Actions. This new engine allows LOD to expand into new scripting languages and also makes it easy for lab developers to add custom modules from select repositories. Languages will be available via a drop-down menu when authoring activities. Legacy options will still be available to run existing scripts already in place. In addition to running on virtual machines and containers, the following language combinations are now available:

  • C# .NET 5
  • C# .NET 5 | Azure.Core 1.13.0
  • js 14 | AWS SDK […]