Export Training Keys from Class Profile

As an Operations Manager, you can now export a list of all training keys directly from a class. This allows you to have a list of keys that have not been used to distribute to your students and shows any redeemed training keys along with who used it. You export the keys from the Training Keys page accessed on the Class profile page. All training keys from the class will be exported to a CSV file.

Archive SCORM Modules

Operations Managers, you can now archive SCORM modules. This allows you to control which modules can be selected as course activities. When a SCORM module is archived, it will continue to be in any course where it was added as an activity, and will continue to work as it always has. Any student with a course assignment or enrollment will still be able to use the activity with all the functionality designed into it. However, it is not available to be added to new courses as an activity. You can use the new Is Archived filter and output option on […]

TMS Enhancements and Fixes

We have made the following enhancements and fixes to our TMS:

1) When your organization chooses to not enable achievements, your users will no longer see the Participate in Achievements checkbox on their User profile. We want to prevent any confusion to your users since achievements must be enabled at the organization level for its users to control their own participation in them. If your organization chooses to enable achievements, all of your users will automatically be set to Participate in Achievements. This saves you time and ensures your users don’t miss out on earning their achievements.

2) You can easily […]

Customized Required User Registration Fields

If you allow users to create their accounts from your login page, you can now choose which fields from the User Registration form are required to be completed. If you use the Basic User Registration form, any fields you have requested to be required will be added to the form as required. To request this customization to your User Registration form, please create a Support ticket on our customer support page,

Here is the list of fields you can choose to be required:

Class Vouchers Return

If you use class vouchers to create classes, and have assigned any that won’t be used for enrollments in the class, you can request to have them released and made available to you to assign to a different class. To request that vouchers be released from a class, please create a Support ticket on our customer support page,

Manual Issuance of Badges by Instructors/Operations Managers

As an instructor or administrator, with the proper permissions, you can now manually issue badges to students. This allows you to add a badge to a student rather than only having badges issued automatically by meeting the requirements to earn an achievement. As an administrator, you can be do this from the class roster or from individual course assignments. As an instructor, you are limited to using the class roster. On the course assignment, you can issue one badge at a time. On the class roster, however, you can issue multiple badges to multiple students in the class. Note: Students […]

TMS Improvements and Fixes

We have made the following enhancements and fixes to our TMS:

The logos for the TMS and IT Pro Challenges will now show as favicons on the browser tabs.

To make it faster to select instructors to assign to a class, Class Schedulers can now filter the Choose Instructor dialog by those preferred by their organization. This requires that Operations Managers designate those instructors on the Preferred Instructors tab of the Organization profile.

To better assist their students, instructors will now be able to view the Lab Instance Profile pages to see labs launched by students in their classes.

Users will now be able […]

Organization Profile Fields Moved to Different Tabs

To make the Organization Profile more efficient and easier for you as Operations Managers to use, we have modified the Basic Information and Preferences Tabs. The Basic Information tab is now available to you, but the Name field is view-only. The Preferences tab has had all the fields you need for your organization moved here. These fields have been organized into the following sections for ease: Business Settings, User Settings, Class Settings (which has subsections), Course Settings, Default Surveys for new Courses and Classes and Miscellaneous Settings. Several fields have been renamed for clarity.

Basic Information tab:

Basic Anonymous User Registration Form

For quicker user registration, the Basic Anonymous User Registration form has been updated. The user can now select their time zone from a dropdown. If your organization does not participate in achievements, the Participate in Achievements field will now be unchecked and greyed out. Otherwise it will be checked by default. The Enable Notifications checkbox will now default to your organization’s setting. Finally, we have removed the LinkedIn and Twitter fields.

EULAS on Publishing Groups

As an Operations Manager, you can now add End User License Agreements (EULAs) to your publishing groups. Any student who takes a class or course assignment based on any course in the publishing group will have to agree to the EULA before they can launch the activities in the course. This new functionality facilitates our transition to Publishing Groups in place of Content Providers.