TMS – Instructors and Class Enrollments

When an Operations Manager assigns an instructor to a class, the instructor will be prohibited from enrolling or auditing the class.  The following message will appear when the instructors Enrollment Status is set to Enrolled or Audit when attempting to save.


When an instructor has an Enrollment Status of Enrolled or Audit and is then assigned to the class as an instructor, the following message will appear when attempting to save.


If the instructor is not assigned to the class but has an Enrollment Status of […]

TMS Platform – End Support of Adobe Flash

At the end of 2020, Adobe will permanently end the life of Flash. To prepare for this, the SCORM video upload and Adobe Connect integration have been updated to remove Flash from the platform. It should be noted that Internet Explorer only has legacy Adobe Connect available; once Flash is deprecated, students using Internet Explorer will have to download the Adobe Connect Client or switch to a different browser.

TMS Enhancements and Fixes

  • Find Users – Created By Filter Added. We have added Created By and Created By (Choose) as a filter on Find Users.
  • Custom Sites – Training Key Pool. Users can now redeem keys against a central (parent) site and still be placed correctly into the appropriate child org. This removes corner cases where students could register on a parent organization site that uses an older custom login page file that bypasses the normal org id check process, leaving the user registered incorrectly.
  • Class – Lab Activities. Resolved an issue that allowed non-basic users to launch otherwise disabled class activities.

Enhancements and Fixes

  • Publishing Groups. We have added Open and Save options to the Published Organizations tab.
  • Notifications – Attach a Calendar Event. We have fixed the .ics file attached to a calendar event from displaying as “Not Supported Calendar Message” within Outlook.
  • Class Browser. We have fixed the class browser page displaying as Undefined. The class time will display in the Time Zone set on the TMS user profile.

Email Notification Plan Management for Organizations

Want an automatic way connect with your users? We have made enhancements to our email Notification Plan feature in the TMS to allow ownership of Notifications at the Organization level. An Operations Manager, with the appropriate roles, can manage their own notification plans for their Organization. This update allows you to create your own automated email notifications based on configured trigger actions that occur within the TMS (ex: new class created; course assignment completed etc.).

And in case someone misses the email notification in their inbox, we have added a new Notification user interface that will allow users, when logged in, […]

Multiple Instances of the Same Lab

An organization can now launch multiple instances of the same lab based on their organization limit. The user will be prompted with the option to launch an existing lab instance or launch a new lab instance.  From the screen, they’ll be able to save and cancel previous instances of this lab.

TMS Enhancements and Fixes

  • Find Material Responsibilities. When a search is saved, it did not filter for organization management. We have fixed the issue to include organization management.
  • API. The documentation for CreateCourseAssignment and UpdateCourseAssignment API methods have had these two parameters updated from Expire and TargetCompletion to Expires and TargetCompletionDate.
  • Course – Activities. When a section was added to the Activities, you would need to Save twice before the section would appear on the class page.  We have fixed the issue and the section will appear when saving on the first attempt.

TMS Enhancements and Fixes

Additions to API Method Results:

  • CourseSearchResult – We added Created and LastModified to the results that are returned from the SearchCourses API method.
  • SearchLabInstances – We have added LastActivityTime as a Parameter to the SearchLabInstances API Method.

Enrollment Retake: When a student redeems an Event Training Key, it was not being recognized as a retake within the post-class lab availability. It now recognizes the enrollment as a retake.

Find Classes: On the Course Profile page, clicking on Find Classes used to navigate to the Event Schedule; it now navigates to Find Classes.  Also, clicking on Class Schedule, now lands on […]

Class Session Times

We have made the following updates to class Session Times:

  • The Session section now automatically displays the Add Multiple Session Times option and the # Sessions defaults based on the Training Days set on the course.
  • Add Multiple Session Times has been renamed to Add Session Times
  • Add Session Times has been moved to the left displaying as the first option and Add Single Session Time has moved to the right