Phone Number Added for Instructor Help Desk Support

We want to offer immediate support to instructors teaching a live class. We have set up a direct phone number to our Help Desk for instructors who encounter issues and have questions. Our new Instructor direct support phone number displays on the Class details page; this only shows to the instructor(s) scheduled to teach the class, they can see it before, during, and after class is in session.

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Reporting Percentage Completed on Labs

Operations Managers and Instructors may display the percentage of work completed in a lab along with the Completion Status on the Find Lab Instances page. Completion Statuses of labs can be, Complete, Cancelled, In Progress, or Error. The percentage of lab completed shows what percent of the lab’s tasks a student completed prior to saving or cancelling, or before a lab error occurred. We are awaiting an update from Lab on Demand (LOD) to report the full range of percentages, at this time they are only reporting lab percentages of 0 or 100%.

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Auto-Archive Awareness Message on Courses

Class schedulers and Operations managers will see a message highlighted on course profiles when an auto-archive date is set. We added this message to increase awareness of approaching archive dates on courses for anyone who can schedule classes; we hope this will assist with your planning and remind you to be looking for a newer version of the course for future classes.

The awareness message reads, “This course is scheduled to be archived on [Date]. Session dates cannot be scheduled beyond this date. Course content will not be maintained past this date.”

Please […]

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Auto-Archive Warning Message when Creating or Editing Classes

Class schedulers will receive a warning message when they save a class using a course scheduled to be retired. We would like to increase awareness of pending archive dates since labs will not be maintained once the course is retired and after a certain point the labs will become unavailable, which may affect your students’ post class lab access experience.

If the auto-archive date is set up and any class session is scheduled to take place on or within 30 days before the auto-archive date, the following warning displays when the class is saved, “This course is being retired on [auto-archive […]

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Auto-Archive Date Blocks Class Creation

Class Schedulers and Operations Managers will be prevented from creating classes after a course’s auto-archive date. This is being enforced to support course life cycle planning, allowing course managers to retire courses and labs without conflicting with organizations’ scheduling and students’ lab access.

When scheduling a class directly in the TMS or through the API, if an auto-archive date is set and any class sessions fall after that date, then the class will not be created. The class import tool checks against the class start date during the upload and will not create classes that start after the auto-archive date. […]

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Auto-Archive Date May Block Saving an Edited Class

For a class that was scheduled prior to setting the associated course’s auto-archive date, Class Schedulers and Operations Managers may edit the class, but will be prevented from saving it if a class session is more than 60 days after the course’s auto-archive date. We want to honor our customers’ training schedules and give you sufficient time to plan and prepare for a change of course content, while still supporting course life cycle planning allowing course managers to retire courses and labs without conflicting with organizations’ scheduling and students’ lab access.

Updating classes past the archive date through the API […]

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TMS Improvements and Fixes

We have made the following enhancements and fixes to our TMS:

Sites – Site profile has had a check box added to turn on or off a Register with Training Key box on customers’ login pages. This functionality speeds up the process for our TMS Coordinator to create standard options for new customers. Sites that already have custom login pages will not be affected by this checkbox field.

Training Keys – Exporting Training Keys was sometimes changing some of the training key values in Excel. The export function for Training Key Pools, Class Enrollment Training Keys, Subscription Training Keys, Class Vouchers, and […]

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Export Training Keys from Class Profile

As an Operations Manager, you can now export a list of all training keys directly from a class. This allows you to have a list of keys that have not been used to distribute to your students and shows any redeemed training keys along with who used it. You export the keys from the Training Keys page accessed on the Class profile page. All training keys from the class will be exported to a CSV file.

Archive SCORM Modules

Operations Managers, you can now archive SCORM modules. This allows you to control which modules can be selected as course activities. When a SCORM module is archived, it will continue to be in any course where it was added as an activity, and will continue to work as it always has. Any student with a course assignment or enrollment will still be able to use the activity with all the functionality designed into it. However, it is not available to be added to new courses as an activity. You can use the new Is Archived filter and output option on […]

TMS Enhancements and Fixes

We have made the following enhancements and fixes to our TMS:

1) When your organization chooses to not enable achievements, your users will no longer see the Participate in Achievements checkbox on their User profile. We want to prevent any confusion to your users since achievements must be enabled at the organization level for its users to control their own participation in them. If your organization chooses to enable achievements, all of your users will automatically be set to Participate in Achievements. This saves you time and ensures your users don’t miss out on earning their achievements.

2) You can easily […]