View Students Progress from the Class Roster

The Class Roster now shows a column for the percentage of course activities completed by each student. This gives an overview of the class’ progress through the lab work and other course activities without going to the individual student enrollments. The column is triggered to display once any student has completed an activity. To be included in the calculation the activity must be required for course completion. Labs, SCORM and LTI modules must be completed to be included while external links, documents, or videos are counted once launched. A numeric percentage shows on the roster while progress bars along with […]

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TMS Enhancements and Fixes

– Lab filters for Has Labs or Course Labs now also show results for lab types that do not use RAM like Azure, AWS, or Docker.
– Find Lab Instances – The Output Option for Exam now shows up when using the print and export links on the Find Lab Instances page.
– Merge Users – Two user accounts cannot be merged when both students used a training key to enroll into the same class. An assistance message has been added, “We are unable to process this account merge due to multiple enrollments in the same training created by training keys. […]

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Cancelling Course Assignments

We want our Operations Managers to have the ability to cancel course assignments that have been created in error. At the beginning of a month we pull all course assignments created during the previous month for billing, however, when the Customer Portal is used for billing, a course assignment will be sent immediately as a billable item when it is created. Cancelling will remove it from a customer’s invoice.

Course assignments, which are used for self-paced learning, will now have a Course Assignment Status field that is set to either Active or Cancelled. The status defaults to Active when created […]

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Convert a Class to Pay with Courseware Marketplace Class Vouchers

Super Users can convert a class set up from “Create Class” to be changed to a class voucher class. Some of our customers purchase Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC) courses directly from us and also purchase labs through the Courseware Marketplace (CWM). We have two different processes for scheduling these classes based on how the purchase is made. The ability to convert a class to class vouchers will reduce the bulk of work done by TMS operations to correct billing on these enrollments each month.

A class may be converted when the following conditions are met.
1. The class must have students in […]

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TMS Enhancements and Fixes

Achievements – We corrected an issue where Achievements that were set up to be earned multiple times were only being awarded once.

API – Our CreateClass API now passes the instructor into the TMS as the Primary Instructor, and now show in the Find Classes search results Instructor column.

Custom Fields – We have fixed an issue where user role restrictions that applied to editing Custom Fields were incorrectly limiting viewing of the fields for other user roles.

Accessibility updates – Several keyboard focus and navigation updates have been made. Keyboard focus indicator is now visible for:

– Search buttons on Find pages.
– The […]

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Phone Number Added for Instructor Help Desk Support

We want to offer immediate support to instructors teaching a live class. We have set up a direct phone number to our Help Desk for instructors who encounter issues and have questions. Our new Instructor direct support phone number displays on the Class details page; this only shows to the instructor(s) scheduled to teach the class, they can see it before, during, and after class is in session.

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Reporting Percentage Completed on Labs

Operations Managers and Instructors may display the percentage of work completed in a lab along with the Completion Status on the Find Lab Instances page. Completion Statuses of labs can be, Complete, Cancelled, In Progress, or Error. The percentage of lab completed shows what percent of the lab’s tasks a student completed prior to saving or cancelling, or before a lab error occurred. We are awaiting an update from Lab on Demand (LOD) to report the full range of percentages, at this time they are only reporting lab percentages of 0 or 100%.

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Auto-Archive Awareness Message on Courses

Class schedulers and Operations managers will see a message highlighted on course profiles when an auto-archive date is set. We added this message to increase awareness of approaching archive dates on courses for anyone who can schedule classes; we hope this will assist with your planning and remind you to be looking for a newer version of the course for future classes.

The awareness message reads, “This course is scheduled to be archived on [Date]. Session dates cannot be scheduled beyond this date. Course content will not be maintained past this date.”

Please […]

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Auto-Archive Warning Message when Creating or Editing Classes

Class schedulers will receive a warning message when they save a class using a course scheduled to be retired. We would like to increase awareness of pending archive dates since labs will not be maintained once the course is retired and after a certain point the labs will become unavailable, which may affect your students’ post class lab access experience.

If the auto-archive date is set up and any class session is scheduled to take place on or within 30 days before the auto-archive date, the following warning displays when the class is saved, “This course is being retired on [auto-archive […]

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Auto-Archive Date Blocks Class Creation

Class Schedulers and Operations Managers will be prevented from creating classes after a course’s auto-archive date. This is being enforced to support course life cycle planning, allowing course managers to retire courses and labs without conflicting with organizations’ scheduling and students’ lab access.

When scheduling a class directly in the TMS or through the API, if an auto-archive date is set and any class sessions fall after that date, then the class will not be created. The class import tool checks against the class start date during the upload and will not create classes that start after the auto-archive date. […]

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