TMS Accessibility Items

In our continuing effort to improve accessibility for all our students and meet MAS standards we have implemented the following features:

  • Luminosity ratio for the focus indicator is greater than or equal to the minimum contrast ration 3:1 for the ‘Close my Account’ control.
  • Keyboard focus will not move to the non-interactive elements in ‘Login Assistance’ page while navigating through keyboard tab.
  • Keyboard focus will stay on the first interactive element Close (X) button once the ‘How would you like to sign in?’ dialog is opened while navigating through keyboard tab.
  • Keyboard focus will restore back on the ‘Learn on […]

Publishing Groups

  • We have fixed an issue with Publishing Groups allowed an Operations Manager to set the Organization running a class to an organization they manage that doesn’t have availability to the course. If the course is selected during the class creation process, the following message will occur when the Save button is clicked.





  • Previously, when creating a class using an Organization in the Publishing Group with a course from the Publishing Group, the Operations Manager could then change the organization to one they manage that is outside of that Publishing Group. Now, […]

TMS Improvements and Fixes

  • Find labs Search: We have fixed the Cloud Platform filter dropdown to include AWS.
  • Audit Log: The Audit log will now exclude mass updates on imports on created Classes and Users. Also, it will no longer track items that provide no value like login history.
  • Virtual Classes: When a student with an Enrollment Status of Enrolled launches a virtual class the Completion status will automatically be marked as Attending.
  • Customer Site Customizations: We have added a Custom Script tab on sites to support custom JavaScript on site customizations.
  • Course Assignment API: We have updated the Create and Update Course […]

TMS Improvements and Fixes

Classroom Maximum Capacity – Error on Roster: We have fixed an issue on the class roster where users received the error message below when changing the Enrollment Status to Enrolled.

‘This enrollment would cause the selected classroom to exceed maximum occupancy.’

Translation – files Update:   We have updated the language files in TMS for the following supported languages:

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Create / Edit Subscription Membership:  We have fixed an issue with the Expires date field not calculating the correct Start Date format when is not MM/DD/YYYY.

Creating Courses and Building Course Activities

Session hosted and recorded on Thursday, June 3  

Category: TMS | Operations Manager


Learn the basics for building a course to have it available for training in the TMS. Our main focus will be on course activities, setting up activities options such as what happens when you make an activity a requirement for course completion, how to have a YouTube video open in a new window and what retakes and reviews of activities allow.

Key Takeaways

1. Learn which specific requirements have to be […]


TMS Improvements and Fixes

    • Lab Activities – Status and Scoring Fields: On the Organization Preference tab, we have added a ‘Show Activity Status and Score on activities listings’ checkbox for Course Assignment / Class Enrollment. This will allow an organization to hide the Status and Score fields for all lab activities and the feature will be enabled by default.
    • API – SearchClubs: We have fixed the API results from listing archived courses.
    • Disabled Organization Text: On the Organization profile page, ‘Temporarily’ is removed from the text for disabled organizations.
    • Notification Replacement Text – [ClassStartTimeLocal] and [ClassEndTimeLocal]:  We have fixed an […]