Creating Courses and Building Course Activities

Session hosted and recorded on Thursday, June 3  

Category: TMS | Operations Manager


Learn the basics for building a course to have it available for training in the TMS. Our main focus will be on course activities, setting up activities options such as what happens when you make an activity a requirement for course completion, how to have a YouTube video open in a new window and what retakes and reviews of activities allow.

Key Takeaways

1. Learn which specific requirements have to be […]


TMS Improvements and Fixes

    • Lab Activities – Status and Scoring Fields: On the Organization Preference tab, we have added a ‘Show Activity Status and Score on activities listings’ checkbox for Course Assignment / Class Enrollment. This will allow an organization to hide the Status and Score fields for all lab activities and the feature will be enabled by default.
    • API – SearchClubs: We have fixed the API results from listing archived courses.
    • Disabled Organization Text: On the Organization profile page, ‘Temporarily’ is removed from the text for disabled organizations.
    • Notification Replacement Text – [ClassStartTimeLocal] and [ClassEndTimeLocal]:  We have fixed an […]

TMS Improvements and Fixes

UpdateUserCustomFieldValue:  We have added a new API call for UpdateUserCustomFieldValue.  This updates the current value of a specific custom field for a user.
Class – Payment Section: The ‘Payment’ section on Create or Edit a class has been removed.
SearchClubMemberships & SearchSubscriptions:  We have fixed the API documentation for SearchClubMemvberships and SearchSubscriptions.  An extra ‘s’ in ‘Subscriptions’ is removed from the Example Usage URL for version 2.0.
User Profile – Change Password:  The ‘Change Password’ dialog box has been fixed so that when a user clicks on the ‘Show Characters’ checkbox it no longer applies encoding onto the password characters.

All About API and LTI Integrations

Session hosted and recorded on Thursday, May 6  

Category: LOD & TMS | Lab Developers & Operations Managers


We’re going to dive into integrations with Lab on Demand (LOD) and Training Management System (TMS). Learn how to use the LOD API to deliver Learn on Demand Systems labs to your platform or an LTI integration to deliver labs to an LMS like Moodle or Blackboard. Our TMS can also use API for creating or revising data as well as reporting on data in the […]


Accessibility Items

In our continuing effort to improve accessibility for all our students and meet MAS standards on the Course Catalog page:

  • ‘BookMark’ control is accessible using the keyboard.
  • ‘Focus’ indicator is visible on the course tile while navigating using the ‘Tab / Shift’ tab keys.
  • Screen Reader now narrates the ‘Bookmark’ button click to bookmark a course.
  • Screen Reader now narrates the icon information within the tile.
  • The ‘Course’ tile border is now visible in High Contrast Black and White theme Mode.
  • The ‘Focus’ indicator (Dotted Lines) is now visible on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln image links while navigating using keyboard […]

Training Key Pools Availability

An Organization can now make a ‘Training Key Pool’ available to use across any child within the Parent Organization. On the Create Training Key Pool page, we have added a checkbox called ‘Make these keys available to everyone using’ [Site Name and URL]. Displaying the name of the site that the owning organization belongs to and displays the site URL. This option is enabled by default, but it will not be automatically enabled for existing training key pools.  With this enabled any organization within the Parent Organization that redeems the training key must be using the same site.

On the Find […]