TMS Improvements and Fixes

  • Find Lab Instances – E-mail Address: We have added a student “E-mail” address filter and output option on Find Lab Instances.
  • Find Publishing Group – Aligned To An Organization: We have added an “Aligned To An Organization” filter on Find Publishing Groups.
  • Edit Users – Flag: When flagging fields for change, then editing the users page a second time and saving the formerly flagged fields are now flagged.
  • Edit User Profile – Roles: The Starts/Expires time fields now fully display AM or PM and no longer stacked.
  • Course, Class, and Catalog Browsers – Default Search Save: When saving a […]

TMS – Bulk Update User Profiles

A new Bulk Update User Profiles page has been added to TMS. This page allows TMS administrators to disable users, set time zones, change company and account executives, assign permanent or temporary roles, and designate user accounts for organization management en masse. It can also flag the following fields for update on next user login:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Primary Phone
  • Secondary Phone
  • Address
  • Address Line 2
  • City
  • State / Province
  • ZIP / Postal Code
  • Country

TMS – Enhancements and Fixes

  • API – Archived Status: An Archived field has been added to the GetCourse and GetCourseByExternalId API calls.
  • Find Assessments – Company Name Field: A Company Name output option has been added to the Find Assessments Response page.
  • Bug Fix – Duplicate Training Key: Fixed an issue that could allow for two course assignments to be assigned the same Training Key.
  • Bug Fix – TMS Error Messaging: Fixed a typo in a TMS error message displayed to students who enter their classroom before the class begins.
  • Custom Site – User Creation Landing Page: Newly created users will now be presented […]

TMS – Enhancements and Fixes

  • API Documentation – Postman Collection: An importable Postman Collection of API calls has been added to the OneLearn TMS API documentation page.
  • Site Templates – Terms & Conditions: A hyperlink to the LODS Terms & Conditions page has been added to the default site footer template.
  • Bug Fix – Launching Archived Courses: Fixed an issue that allowed students to launch expired courses from their subscriptions by directly accessing the course launch URL.
  • Bug Fix – Course Progress Bars: Fixed an issue that caused progress bars on the Enrollment and Course Assignment pages to not properly reflect a student’s progress.
  • […]

TMS – Enhancements and Fixes

  • Bug Fix – Notification plan calendar invites: Notification plans now properly send attached calendar invites.
  • Bug Fix – Enrollment status: Users with the enrollment statuses of Requested, Cancelled, or Denied are no longer treated as being enrolled in the class.
  • Bug Fix – Zoom recordings: Fixed an issue that would cause single delivery classrooms delivered over multiple days to only display the first days Zoom recordings.

Learn on Demand Systems Support Chat

Learn on Demand Systems now has a support chat option for Lab on Demand Admin Site, the Lab Client and the TMS admin site. Users can initiate a chat session with our Support Team. This feature is enabled by default for all organizations, but it can be disabled if needed from the organization profile. Chat transcripts are stored in a support ticket, and a copy is emailed to the user. Click here to learn more!

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TMS Enhancements and Fixes

  • Notification plans with calendar invites: The following changes were made to notification plans.
    • Calendar invites are now only sent when a user has the status of Enrolled or Audit.
    • Cancellations are now sent when a user status is changed from Enrolled or Audit.
    • No calendar invite or cancellation is sent when a user is placed in a non-enrolled status.
  • Subscription Profile – Create multiple subscriptions: A Create Multiple Subscriptions link on the Subscription profile page has been added. This will allow an Operations Manager to assign multiple students to a subscription.
  • Find Enrollments/Find Course Assignments – Duration: Duration has been added as […]
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