Instructors Added to All Sessions of Class Automatically

Now when you setup a class with multiple instructors, all instructors will be automatically added to all sessions of the class. In addition, if you add an instructor later, they are also automatically added to all sessions. If you add another session, all instructors are added to it. This eliminates the need to individually add each instructor to each session. When you remove an instructor from one or more sessions, they will not be re-added unless you click “Add all instructors to all sessions” in the Instructors section of the class.


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Find Lab Instances – Company Filter/Output Option

Need to see your students’ lab instances by the company they belong to? You can do this using the new Company output option on Find Lab Instances. This column will display the company set in the user’s profile. You can also narrow the results to see only lab instances from a specific company’s users with the new Company filters available, Choose Company or Company Name.

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Class Browser – Multiple Tag IDs Available in URL

You can craft your Class Browser URL with multiple tags in it so the class browser loads with them automatically checked and filtered  when the page loads.

For multiple tags without group reference, the URL structure is https://[siteurl]/class/browse?tagId,tagId&matchtype=1. The matchtype is optional. If you leave it off, Match All will be checked. If you include it, use 0 for Match All and 1 for Match Any.

For a tag in a specific group and a tag in any group, the URL structure is https://[siteurl]/class/browse?groupIdtag,tagId. Use the group Id for the specific group in which you want the tag to be checked.


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Accessibility Items

Two improvements have been made to assist users with accessibility needs:

  • Users can now use the keyboard to access the pagination elements of search pages to pull up multiple pages of results.
  • The contrast ratio for the Incorrect Username and Password message on the login page has been increased to help with visual clarity.


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Enhancements and Fixes

  • Class Browser/Course Catalog/On-Demand Browser – Introduced an improved filter functionality on the Class Browser, Course Catalog and On-Demand Browser pages
  • Tab alignment on Create/Edit pages – Fixed a UI issue on Create/Edit pages where Tabs on the second row were not aligning properly
  • Featured Date Choose in User’s Date Format – The Date Chooser will now input the date, using the browser setting of the user, into the Featured field in the Create/Edit Course page
  • Percent Complete Column for New Students – Corrected a UI issue where the Percent Complete column will now appear correctly for new students added […]
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TMS Enhancements and Fixes

  • API – Calls for GetCourse and GetCourseByExternalID have had the Date/Time values updated to display in seconds rather than milliseconds.
  • Class – Class activities now have a disable all check box to disable or re-enable all activities at once. Once any activities are disabled by the instructor, they cannot be launched by students but now remain available for class instructor(s) to use. This allows instructors to demo labs or prepare future activities while preventing students from skipping ahead in the curriculum.
  • Class – A Custom Virtual Meeting Host issue has been corrected. When setting the delivery to use a […]
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