Your learners are interested in acquiring skills that have immediate relevance to them. Allowing them to gain hands-on experience solving challenges during the learning process provides them with the skills they need to tackle real world problems.

In this free Training Industry Product Showcase, Mark Weinstein, Senior Product Manager will demonstrate how the Learn on Demand Systems platform can reduce your build time and increase the overall effectiveness of your performance-based training programs.

Key takeaways:

During this product demo, Mark will provide insights on:

  • How to flip the traditional learning model to be challenge-centric
  • How to create effective scored labs
  • Key features in the Learn on Demand Systems platform that make it easy to transition your learning to a performance-based solution.

Product Demo Hosted by Training Industry

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Mark Weinstein has over 35 years of experience in the technology industry and presently holds over 30 industry certifications.  For almost 2 decades, Mark has spread his knowledge by working as a Microsoft Certified Trainer and as a Champion Instructor for Amazon Web Services.

With the initial release of Microsoft’s subscription cloud offerings in 2007, Mark has been working with assisting companies with their transition from traditional on-premise deployments to the cloud.  He has been instrumental in assisting small businesses, as well as larger enterprises, government agencies, and large educational institutions in migrating to the cloud.

Specific attention to understanding a particular customer’s needs and helping the customer to understand the advantages and differences of cloud-based solutions is critical to a successful deployment.  Mark’s industry focus has been directed at larger organizations with redesigning legacy applications to take full advantage of the cloud.

When he is not basking in the glow of his widescreen monitor, Mark can usually be found cruising on his motorcycle, flying his Cessna, or catering to his artistic side by enjoying photography or playing a guitar.

Mark Weinstein, Learn on Demand Systems