TechGenix, a global provider of technical content for IT Professionals released a review of Learn on Demand System’s product IT Pro Challenges.  In the review, Brien Posey a technical author and speaker who has received Microsoft’s MVP awards numerous times, gives the product a gold star award.

“I absolutely love the IT Pro Challenges concept,” says Posey. “The website provides a great way for IT pros to be able to go into a live environment and hone their skills, without the hassles of setting up their own virtual machines. I also found the site to have a good-sized library of challenges, and I like that new challenges are introduced so frequently. And you certainly can’t argue with the price.”

Posey who has created video-based training courses for several large training providers continued on to say, “Most of the training content providers that I am familiar with do video-based training. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, as it can be very effective. However, some people have an easier time learning the material by actually completing various tasks themselves rather than by watching someone else do it. This is where IT Pro Challenges differentiates itself from some of the other content providers. Rather than providing the standard video-based training, IT Pro Challenges leverages the power of the cloud to build interactivity into their courses.”

IT Pro Challenges are divided into three levels; guided, advanced and expert. They are designed to help IT Professionals hone their skills in topics like Azure, AWS, Linux, PowerShell, Security and more.  A series of hands-on lab challenges in one topic area can be purchased for 90 days or the entire library of ever expanding challenges can be purchased for an entire year.

“An on-demand subscription gets subscribers full access to the course library for a full year. This includes any new courses that are released during the subscription period, as well as any new updates to existing courses. The company releases new content on a weekly basis. You can see a small sampling of the available content in the screenshot below.”

IT Pro Challenges

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