Achievements – We corrected an issue where Achievements that were set up to be earned multiple times were only being awarded once.

API – Our CreateClass API now passes the instructor into the TMS as the Primary Instructor, and now show in the Find Classes search results Instructor column.

Custom Fields – We have fixed an issue where user role restrictions that applied to editing Custom Fields were incorrectly limiting viewing of the fields for other user roles.

Accessibility updates – Several keyboard focus and navigation updates have been made. Keyboard focus indicator is now visible for:

  • Search buttons on Find pages.
  • The Sort Alphabetically button and Display Times Output Options on the Course Catalog page.
  • The Sign In button in the How Would you Like to Sign In dialog on our Login page.
  • The Send Instructions button on our Forgot Password Login Assistance page.
  • Users can now use the keyboard to navigate to the Edit, Share, and Delete links in the Open and Saved search dialogs on our Find pages.