– Lab filters for Has Labs or Course Labs now also show results for lab types that do not use RAM like Azure, AWS, or Docker.
– Find Lab Instances – The Output Option for Exam now shows up when using the print and export links on the Find Lab Instances page.
– Merge Users – Two user accounts cannot be merged when both students used a training key to enroll into the same class. An assistance message has been added, “We are unable to process this account merge due to multiple enrollments in the same training created by training keys. Please open a Support ticket at https://lods.one/support for assistance.”
– SCORM video player – SCORM videos played in the Chrome browser encountered a bug that prevented adjusting your place in a video. Players in Chrome can now be adjusted to move forward, to skip ahead, and go back within the video. Seeking in Chrome may take 3-8 seconds to load after moving to a new spot.
– Class profile – The URL field for the Custom Virtual Classroom class delivery method has increased its capacity from 200 to 500 characters.