– Find pages – We have corrected a sorting issue on the Output Options menu. When output options other than the defaults for a page are selected, now when you switch between Sort Alphabetically and Sort by Group, your selections will be retained.
– Find Classes – We have added an Output Option to the Find Classes page showing the Max Lab RAM per Student showing the highest amount of RAM used in the class’ course per student.
– Find Enrollments – We have added an Output Option to the Find Enrollments page showing the Job Title field’s data from the User profile.
– Browse on Demand Catalog – We have updated the Browse on Demand pages to allow multiple Course Tags to be selected by default when users arrive on the page. Along with this, the page can now be set to default either the Match Any or Match All selections on the page.
– Class Training Key – We corrected an Application Error which was showing up when you saved after editing a Class Training Key.
– Find Lab Instances – We have re-positioned the Percent Complete column when the search results are exported from the TMS to match column order on the Find Lab Instances page.