We have made the following enhancements and fixes to our TMS:

  • When your organization chooses to not enable achievements, your users will no longer see the Participate in Achievements checkbox on their User profile. We want to prevent any confusion to your users since achievements must be enabled at the organization level for its users to control their own participation in them. If your organization chooses to enable achievements, all of your users will automatically be set to Participate in Achievements. This saves you time and ensures your users don’t miss out on earning their achievements.
  • You can easily see courses that are archived in publishing groups and subscriptions now. Any archived courses will be outlined in red and show a red Archived icon next to them.
  • The UpdateCourseAssignment documentation page has been updated to include the CourseAssignmentId parameter in the Parameter table and shows it as required.
  • Course custom fields that are set to display on the Basic Information or Advanced tabs and cascade to classes will no longer create new “basic” or “Advanced” tabs on the course upon creation of a class using the course. In addition, these fields that cascade down to a class will no longer have the value set in a created class flow up and display in the associated course field on the initial save.