Class Vouchers:  We have fixed an issue with the Course ‘Class Absolute Maximum Capacity’ and the ‘Override Organization Owned Max Capacity’ fields. An Operations Manager was able to exceed the ‘Class Absolute Maximum Capacity’ by clicking the ‘Add Class Voucher’ link on the class Roster page. Now, when the ‘Class Absolute Maximum Capacity’ has been met the following message appears if additional vouchers are requested.

Publishing Groups: We have fixed an issue with Publishing Groups and Courses added to a Subscription.  When an Operation Manager created a course without a Publishing Group, it allowed them to assign a Subscription Profile for that course and create a Course Assignment from the Subscription.  A user was able to select a course from the assigned Subscription and launch the labs.

Now, if a Course does not have a Publishing Group and a Subscription Profile is added the following message will appear when the Course is Saved.


Translation – File Update:   We have updated the language files in TMS for the following supported languages:

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Certificate of Completion – Preview: We have fixed an issue with an Application Error occurring when previewing the certificate without any data.

Instructor Schedule Page: We have fixed an issue with the Instructor and Instructor Name Column not being aligned and the ‘More Than’ was removed from the ‘Schedule Timeframe’ filter.