We have made the following enhancements to our TMS:

  1. Announcements can now be set to be seen by all organizations by LODS employees. These type of announcements will not happen often and will normally be targeted to Operation Managers only. If you do not want your organization to receive these announcements, please contact support.
  2. To make our platform more accessible for all of our students, two more accessibility enhancements have been added to meet MAS –
    1. If you use a screen reader, the HTML content of an announcement is now read;
    2. If you use the keyboard to navigate and/or a screen reader, the X to close the Cookie Banner now works properly.
  3. For those of you who use our API, the SearchClasses API method now returns whether the training key is enabled or not for each class, and if so, the training key.
  4. On the Class profile and Enrollment profile pages, the Instructor and Room lines have been removed if there is no instructor or classroom assigned to the class.
  5. On an announcement, the “Show automatically on login” checkbox, if checked, will now remain checked upon Save.