We have made the following enhancements and fixes to our TMS:

The logos for the TMS and IT Pro Challenges will now show as favicons on the browser tabs.

To make it faster to select instructors to assign to a class, Class Schedulers can now filter the Choose Instructor dialog by those preferred by their organization. This requires that Operations Managers designate those instructors on the Preferred Instructors tab of the Organization profile.

To better assist their students, instructors will now be able to view the Lab Instance Profile pages to see labs launched by students in their classes.

Users will now be able to see when lab access expires post-class on the Class profile and Enrollment profile pages. This data is also available on the Find Courses, Find Classes, and Find Enrollments pages using the output option, Post-class lab availability.

The Abbreviated Name field has been removed from the Organization profile and thus from the API calls of GetOrganization, GetOrganizationbyExternalId, CreateOrganization, and UpdateOrganization.

The Maintenance Banner will now display properly on sites where the login page has been customized.

When class vouchers are used to create a class, all enrollments for the class, regardless of how they are created, will be associated with a class voucher.

When a class is updated through the API, users will now see, on the Class History page, the correct Last Modified and Last Modified By data for the update in those output columns.

Filters that had their closing “X” out of alignment with other filters have been fixed. All filters will have the Xs aligned.