We have made the following enhancements and fixes to our TMS:

  • Sites – Site profile has had a check box added to turn on or off a Register with Training Key box on customers’ login pages. This functionality speeds up the process for our TMS Coordinator to create standard options for new customers. Sites that already have custom login pages will not be affected by this checkbox field.
  • Training Keys – Exporting Training Keys was sometimes changing some of the training key values in Excel. The export function for Training Key Pools, Class Enrollment Training Keys, Subscription Training Keys, Class Vouchers, and Event training keys has been corrected to transmit the true key values.
  • Class Enrollments – Enrollments created using training keys or the API are now passed to the Customer Portal allowing them to be invoiced to customers.
  • Courses – When a course creator creates or edits a course adding activities and they exceed the 12-hour expected duration activity limit per day, all activities are retained, but the course is not saved. This allows the course creator to decide how to manage the course; they may increase the course duration and or change the activities.
  • Course Lab Activities – Some course activities can be set to allow or prevent retakes. The wording displayed for Lab Activities which are set to prevent retakes has been updated to read, “Once you have completed this activity you will not be able to retake it. Do you want to continue?” The message previously read, “Once you have launched this activity you will not be able to retake it.” However, relaunching of the activity is only prevented if the activity has been completed.
  • Simple course assignment – Our table of contents field displays have been expanded in the Simple course assignment to show the full name of the course activities. The names of some labs were cut off before we increased the character limit.
  • Find Lab Instances – We have corrected an issue on our Find Lab Instances search page, it produced errors when searching for a lab profile with special characters in the name.
  • Class Vouchers – Our internal staff can delete class vouchers from the Find Class Vouchers page.