Display of Course Ratings

You can share the quality of your course offerings by displaying ratings on browser tiles. These ratings derive from the simple feedback given by actual users and are displayed as percentages on the tiles. When a user zooms a tile, the number of reviews are included. The following browsers will display the ratings based on criteria you set:

  • On-Demand
  • Course Catalog
  • Store*
  • Learning Paths**
  • Class

*The Store tiles show the rating on the products for the underlying course or subscription profile. Subscription profiles give a cumulative rating of all the included courses.

**Like subscription profiles, Learning Path tiles show a cumulative rating of the included courses. Individual Learning Path pages show the rating for each course.

You, as an organization, control when ratings are displayed for your courses based on the number of ratings and an optional minimum rating percentage. There may be times when subscriptions or learning paths contain courses from various organizations. Since these are cumulative ratings from the underlying courses, the owning organization of the subscription or learning path controls whether the rating is displayed. The individual courses display ratings based on their owning organization’s criteria regardless of where they are seen.

Examples of the display:

Browser tile

Completion Certificate Organizational Ownership/Availability

With permissions, you are now able to manage your own course completion certificates. Your certificates are only available to other organizations to use in their courses if you specify them in the certificate template’s profile. This allows you to keep your certificate templates private while still providing the flexibility to share with other organizations as needed.

The Organization output option and filter have been added to the Find Course Certificate Templates page. You can also filter by the organizations that can use the certificate.

TMS Updates

The Class Browser page can now be loaded prefiltered for classes on a specific course by appending the course ID to the end of the URL. Example: https://lms.learnondemand.net/Class/Browse?courseId=9672 would load all classes for the 10135B Configuring, Managing and Troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 2 course.

The On-Demand Browser page can now be loaded prefiltered to display

Only bookmarked courses by appending the bookmarks ID to the end of the URL. Example: https://lms.learnondemand.net/Course/BrowseOnDemand?bookmarks=1.

Only courses with the tag. Example: https://lms.learnondemand.net/Course/BrowseOnDemand?coursetagId=X with X being the ID number of the course tag

The Coming Soon icon is now visible next to courses who meet the criteria on Find Courses. There is also a new Coming Soon filter to narrow the results to just those courses.

The Cookies banner has been moved to the bottom of the page.

The following Browser pages have had small adjustments made to ensure proper alignment of elements on the page.

  • On-Demand Browser
  • Course Catalog
  • Learning Paths
  • Token Store
  • Class Browser