Training Keys

Training Keys are designed to enhance the ability for organizations to efficiently enroll their students into both instructor-led and self-paced training. With training keys, administrators save time by enabling their students to create their own accounts which are automatically enrolled into their designated training. Training keys also serve as a simple solution for events and ensuring that only students attending class are enrolled and no-show students do not gain access.

Types of Keys

There are several different training keys that can be used within the TMS, each with their own advantages. For instructor-led classes there are class enrollment keys and event training keys. Class enrollment keys are individual keys provided to each student while an event training key is one key that can be used by all students of the class. We also have self-paced training key pools and subscription keys that will assign self-paced training to students with ease.

Class Enrollment Keys

  • Class enrollment keys are used for ILT/Class deliveries
  • Key is generated for each enrollment or student
  • Keys can be generated up to the number of max enrollments set on the class
  • Keys are created from the Class Training Key link on the class page
  • Keys are only valid during the duration of the class
  • Keys must be distributed to users manually

Event Training Keys

  • Event Training keys are used for ILT/Class deliveries
  • One key is generated per class; all students use the same key
  • Key allows anyone to redeem; requires management of maximum students
  • Key can be created from the Create/Edit class page
  • Key can be set to allow redemption after class
  • Key can be distributed manually or through a notification plan

Training Key Pools

  • Key is used for self-paced course assignments
  • Key pools are course specific
  • No limit to the number of keys that can be generated
  • Key pools can have set expirations and length of access time to content can also be configured up to 180 days
  • Key Pools are created from the Create Training Key Pool link in the Training Keys Admin tile.
  • Keys must be manually distributed; CSV can be exported

Subscription Keys

  • Key is used for access to subscriptions (Self-paced)
  • Keys are specific to subscription profiles
  • No limit to the number of keys that can be generated
  • Key Pools are created from the Subscription Keys link in the Training Keys Admin tile.
  • Keys must be manually distributed; CSV can be exported

How can training keys benefit organizations?

  • Cut Down on Administrative Tasks for Registration and Enrollment

Traditionally, organizations running many classes with large numbers of attendees would have to create each user account for each student ahead of time. These student accounts would then need to be enrolled into classes or assigned a self-paced course assignment. This can take up a lot of time before class and can also create issues prior to class if new students wish to enroll or if a student does not receive their credentials.

Training keys remove a lot of that backend work by the administrator and streamline the process to allow students to create their own accounts. If training keys are used, an administrator can generate keys at the time of class creation. These keys can be sent to the students with other class materials or distributed by the instructor before class. With training key in hand, students navigate to the TMS, enter their key, then create an account by entering their own username and password. Their training will already be assigned to there account so there’s no need to worry about manually enrolling them.

  • Manage Roster and Ensure Only Attending Students are Enrolled

Along similar lines, if an administrator is creating accounts the week before class and enrolling students, there’s no way to know if a student suddenly is unable to attend class. No-show students can easily be lost in the mix if an instructor is managing a class with a large roster or may not have time to contact Support to remove the student.

Training keys can be used to ensure that only students present in the classroom or virtual meeting are enrolled. Instructors can be provided the class training keys to give to students attending, while no-show students will not receive a key and will not be enrolled. If a student attends class later in the week or a new student would like to enroll, keys can be generated and provided to those students immediately and they will gain access.

  • Streamline Registration for Events Without a Predetermined Roster

Not every class or event will have a predetermined roster. An organization may wish to host an event which allows anyone to attend and gain access to their labs. Gathering each user’s name and email and then creating accounts for each user is not an easy task when preparing for that event. Organizations can take advantage of training keys to alleviate the stress of registering a group of users

While training keys may not be for every organization, they offer a way to streamline many of the regular administrative practices for creating and enrolling students. For more information on the different training keys and how to implement them, please refer to our Help Documentation. If your organization is interested in taking advantage of training keys by adding a Register with Training Key option to your sign-in page, please contact Support to get set up.